Peoplevox raises $6M to boost warehouse operations to booming e-commerce sector

In a competitive and fast-growing market, seamless warehouse management is mission critical for all e-commerce players, with ineffective systems resulting in delayed, cancelled or wrong orders – which are damaging both to brand and customer loyalty.

Over the past decade, Amazon has perfected its warehouse management system, making it difficult for e-commerce retailers to compete on order fulfilment. However, by creating a highly innovative and easily-deployed warehouse management solution, Peoplevox – which has already signed up 100 retailers including Barbour, Mothercare and Surfdome

In addition to Index Ventures, an investor in retail and technology companies including ASOS, Farfetch, Etsy, Just Eat, MetaPack, Dropbox and Skype, the company has the financial backing of angel investors Ben White and Jon Kamaluddin. Peoplevox will use the funds for further product development to fully support in-store fulfilment, and to expand its team in London and internationally.

With many companies turning to the promise of increased sales online, Peoplevox recognises that e-commerce requires a significantly different warehouse operation from traditional systems. “Moving pallets to stores is very different from sending many parcels to multiple destinations,” said Jonathan, Peoplevox Founder. “Our software is already helping companies run their e-commerce warehouse far more effectively, enabling them to compete with Amazon for order fulfilment efficiency.”

“The complete masters of inventory, Peoplevox are bringing truly innovative SaaS technology to a vast and expanding marketplace, with demonstrable ROI for their customers,” said Index partner Dominique Vidal. “From all our investments in e-commerce companies and the wider ecosystem, we know how critically important smooth and reliable warehouse management is for the fortunes of retailers.”

Jon Kamaluddin said: “What Peoplevox has been able to achieve for its customers in such a short space of time is extraordinary. The warehousing element is the final touchpoint in the e-commerce journey, and Peoplevox delivers a solution that will help companies add value to their customers.”

Bellwood added: “We’re now seeing many of the companies that were at the forefront of the e-commerce revolution 5-10 years ago, being severely hampered by the legacy warehouse management systems that they implemented early on. Fulfilment is the biggest challenge to the growth of e-commerce around the world. As consumer appetite increases, so, too, do expectations for fast and efficient delivery and service.”