Think carefully before you throw money at advertising

Advertising, PR, Marketing is great as long as you can afford for it not to work.
I’m not saying that all advertising is worthless – you can reap the benefits from a really well-targeted ad. But a lot of people chuck money at frivolous advertising, having been given the hard sell by some Apprentice stylee sales executive, without really considering what it will achieve, naively thinking that the ad will go live and the sales will come flooding in. Honestly, It just doesn’t work that way.
I was being 100 per cent serious when i said stamp your web address on each of the tenners.
Make a song and dance on busy Oxford street in London, then throw the notes in the air and video and post the carnage and you’ll make national news and a twitter legend.
Remember, If you want to spend £2k getting attention, passive advertising is not the answer unless you can afford for it NOT to work.