Why small businesses need I.T. support in a COVID-19 world

technical support operator working on computer

The raging COVID-19 pandemic has shifted the perspective of many businesses on how to run their business.

With so many companies now implementing work-from-home schemes the demand for I.T. support and management has never been vital.

Fortunately, existing I.T. businesses that have provided virtual services in recent years were able to scale up to meet the growing demands of the changing times. If you’re a small business owner, you might want to consider integrating IT support as part of your business plan and drive a significant part of your revenue through its virtual stream.

Here are some ways how a comprehensive I.T. support can help small businesses:

Keeping Productivity

With the economy going in a downward turn since the last recession, businesses should focus on their survival. This might sound harrowing as “survival” means failure is not an option. For small businesses, growth means they’re keeping it together; that is why productivity is key to that end.

Increasing your businesses’ capacity to produce without incurring further costs is vital in keeping up with the necessary productivity. I.T. professionals can look at your system and find ways to improve your productivity at a lesser cost.


Your security should be a constant factor in your business. Data handling and protection are important, especially now when people are heavily utilizing online transactions. However, most small companies cannot afford an in-house I.T. team to manage and protect their data systems. Fortunately, many I.T. service providers include data warehousing, management, and security in their package.

If you’re thinking, “well they’ll still cost me”, think about the malware and cyber threats, that can set you back to the drawing board when you lose the trust of your customers. Criminals are ruthless and unsympathetic to the struggle of small business owners. They’re willing to scrape the barrel of usable data if their target is absent protection. You wouldn’t leave your store open when you’re done for the day, right? Then it’s the same in the virtual world because the repercussions are real.

Operational Management

Small businesses can operate as an online store, a brick-and-mortar store, or both. But in recent years, online sales have gained significant increases over their physical counterpart. This is why small businesses should have an online presence, and right now, you can easily build a website for your store and publish it. But having a WordPress website maintenance plan will allow you to focus on your business and let I.T. professionals take care of your online presence. They’ll even provide you with stats and analytics on how your site is viewed and used by potential customers.


Scalability is important in a small business. And because I.T. services are often done remotely or in a virtual domain, it can support your growth without any hiccups. One good example is a bot in an online store. If you’re answering hundreds of routine product-related questions at the same time, you’ll definitely be hard-pressed for help. But with a bot, responding to multiple customers’ routine questions and guiding them on the website 24/7 will allow you to expand your service and promote growth.


I.T. services will only charge you for the service that you require. This is one of the benefits of having a professional I.T. service provider. This is very important as everyone, under this pandemic, cannot afford not to be sparing with their resources. Many providers offer a subscription for a period of time or will do an hourly service if you don’t need constant support. But if your business entails a lot of online transactions, then it’s helpful to have an I.T. expert on standby 24/7. These providers have technicians, customer support specialists, and other resources that will be too costly if done in-house.

They also offer consultations or assessments of various infrastructures. This will help you improve your system and increase your capacity, subsequently, increase your revenue. Whatever your needs may be, you will have an option to pick those out and immediately have an expert ready to cater to those needs.

Allows You to Focus on The Business

As businesses reel from the global effects of COVID-19, business owners should all the more focus on the important things about their enterprise. This includes medium to longterm directions and strategies to cope with the next economic crisis. Unless you’re an I.T. expert yourself, you should only focus on your business and leave the I.T. concerns to the professionals. This way you’ll be able to take the necessary steps with your small business and ride the wave of recovery from the pandemic.

The age wherein I.T. systems and support is seen as an option rather than a necessity are already gone. In order to be competitive, companies, especially small businesses, should learn to harness the power of digital media and online transactions in order to keep up with other established competitors.