As a newly funded start-up, things are looking good, but what’s your next move?

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Excited. Daunted. Inspired. Determined. These are just a few of the many emotions anyone taking the first steps with their new funded start-up might be feeling.

Starting a business is like putting together pieces of a puzzle, they have to all come together to make it a success and give you the final picture.

From the big tasks you need to get checked off your to do-list, to the small everyday jobs that keep things ticking over. If you’re a new funded start-up, it’s very easy to feel in-over your head. You’re probably brimming with ideas, enthusiasm and passion, but quickly realising there just aren’t enough hours in a day to get everything done. A helping hand, some guidance and wisdom will go a long way for setting the foundations for your business to thrive. That’s where digital360 comes in.

In today’s business climate, it goes without saying that the digital world plays a large part in success; whether that’s the creation, curation and infrastructure of a fantastic new website, or a dedicated customer friendly social media presence.

If customers find an uninspired website that doesn’t grab their attention and direct them to what they need in a matter of seconds – you’ve lost them. If customers are scrolling through their Instagram feeds and your marketing just doesn’t do enough to stick out amongst the selfies and cat pictures – you’ve lost them.

You’re doing fantastic work, and you’ve got a product you just know people are going to love, but you might not have the experience to execute your vision online. On top of everything else you need to do from meetings to product sampling, travelling and pitching ideas, the digital capacity and potential for your business can fall by the way-side. It can become the extra thing in the back of your head you just have to get done! That’s why digital360 and their highly skilled team are there for you. Imagine if you had your own in-house digital team to enact your vision.

Professionals with expertise in UI and UX design, copywriting, social media and communications, who can source you a creative video designer, or come up with an eye-grabbing tag line. Imagine seeing your followers growing by the hundreds. That’s exactly what digital360 has been doing for the past six years. More than that, we’re dedicated to seeing our clients thrive, and there’s nothing more inspiring for us than seeing a new face and business ready to stake their place in the market.

With digital360, you won’t have to worry about searching for, hiring and separately paying for a team of people or flicking through countless CV – you’ve already got a team installed who are just a Slack message away.

That means you won’t have to organise holiday rotas, constantly check in on how everyone is doing with their tasks (whilst you’re trying to get on with yours,) or worry about someone phoning in sick at the last minute. Instead, digital360 will work behind the scenes and present you with a professional, cutting edge, market and consumer focused digital transformation that’s true to your vision. digital360 will provide frequent updates and schedules letting you know what’s happening every step of the way.

We’re an integrated virtual team overseeing projects and clients. We keep each other up to date on all the work we’re doing, have frequent virtual team meetings over Zoom and share what we’ve been working on; whether that’s the first steps of a new website design, what we’ve learnt from meetings with our clients, or a new social media strategy for more client exposure.

When you get in contact with us, you can start with a free 30 minute consultation and we’re always there to provide you with more information and answer any questions you may have.

You’ll get the opportunity to have a virtual meeting and get to know the team. There’ll be a plan of action created for how the project is going to come together, and a timeline for its competition. We make use of a Gantt Chart to oversee everyone’s responsibilities and jobs, and when they need to be completed by; you can also leave any comments, questions or ideas for whomever is completing a task. We’ll need your knowledge, passion and input from start to finish. Even the smallest spark of an idea has the potential for a game changing social media campaign, creative marketing idea or a customer base we can reach.

But you might be thinking, are we the right fit for you? Well, we work with Fintechs, fashion brands, educational policy makers, freight forwarding companies – the list goes on. We’re always looking to expand our client base, and our breadth of knowledge means we can flexibly adapt our skills for your business needs. OutsideThe Box Recruitment is a luxury fashion and retail recruitment specialist.

They came to us a fresh start-up, exactly 4 years ago we employed the digital360 digital partnership program with them, meaning we effectively became the digital arm of their company. We worked closely with them to create their brand and their digital presence and some internal processes. We began scheduling and running meetings about digital strategy and marketing. After only two years of operation their turnover was already in the hundreds of thousands of pounds. We created all of their social media platforms and grew their following on LinkedIn and Instagram (their primary platforms) by over 1000%. After four years we are about to embark on a major brand and site refresh with them.

Not only that, we’ve recently been commissioned by a brand new, young, fashion designer to help her  create her new brand’s digital presence using the digital360 transformation program; she’ll be getting the benefits of an international digital team overnight, following in the trajectory and success of Outside The Box recruitment.

We’re ready to work with you and launch your digital presence to the very best it can be, nurturing its potential from start to finish – bringing another piece of the puzzle together with you.