What type of businesses need armed security guards

armed security

Protecting your business by choosing to use armed security guards isn’t a decision to take lightly.

Find out here what type of business needs an armed security.

Are you planning to put up a business? Are you wondering if you need to hire an armed security guard?

The safety and security of businesses is a valid concern. Though the number of property crimes in the US is on the decline, the fact remains that businesses lose money when they become victims of theft, robbery, and other illegal activities.

Following the adage that says “prevention is better than a cure” is generally wise. But as someone who is looking to put up a business, you need to determine if you need to hire private security or not.

The answer depends on the nature of your business.

Continue reading below as we discuss armed security services and the businesses that need one.

A Look at Armed Security Services

The history of armed security or hiring an armed bodyguard goes back a long way. The concept first emerged back in Ancient Egypt. Pharaohs hired private bodyguards to keep them safe.

In Rome, the emperors during the Byzantine Empire also sought out personal security. They assigned bodyguards for both their families and properties.

The same thing happened with the rulers of Italy and China in the East. The leaders of these two countries also embraced the idea of hiring bodyguards.

As the 1700s arrived, people scattered across different cities in the United States. This resulted in neighborhoods and communities with soaring poverty rates. Unfortunately, the spike in poverty translated into crimes like thefts and robberies.

Hence, the cities used a portion of people’s taxes to hire armed security services. During this time, a security guard did not only remain stationary in key areas. He would also patrol the streets at night to deter criminals.

As the Industrial Revolution hit its peak, so did the number of crime incidents. This prompted the creation of structured security guard agencies like Pinkerton Agency.

These agencies provided guards who would secure banks, railroads, and other key locations in some of the more prosperous cities.

An Armed Security Guard: Do You Need One?

With different kinds of threats lurking around, armed security services remain valuable more than ever.

In fact, having armed security personnel within the business premises comes with essential benefits. Apart from deterring criminals from doing illegal acts, they can also respond to crimes and deal with criminal threats professionally. They’re well-trained to act during intense situations and determine criminal behavior. Lastly, getting armed security services from providers like Patriots Security can provide business owners with peace of mind knowing that their business premises are safe and secure against potential property crimes.

But as we mentioned earlier, there are certain types of businesses that need an armed security guard more than others.

Let’s take a look at some businesses and why they need the best security services out there:

  1. Retail Establishments

The retail industry is one of those key sectors that require top-notch security. They need to protect not only their employees but also their inventory.

Groceries and department stores never run out of stories of theft and robberies. Home Depot, for example, reported growing theft problems in some of their branches. With heavy foot traffic, thieves are likely able to sneak in especially if security is lax.

By placing a security guard at the entrance and a few more roaming inside, thieves will have second thoughts of stealing.

Additionally, security guards also keep chaos at bay during special occasions. Whenever there are huge sales or emergencies, expect a reputable armed security provider to keep order in place and avert criminals from doing any illegal activity.

  1. Industrial Companies

If you own a manufacturing business, hiring a dependable security company is paramount. These businesses involve bulk items and raw materials that amount to millions. Hence, they are prime targets for equipment theft.

These businesses are also prone to tampering, vandalism, and property damage. With security guards manning all entry and exit points, you can rest knowing that all your items are safe and criminals won’t try to break in due to fear of getting caught by armed security.

The guards can scan the delivery trucks before they enter or leave the premises. They can also help with the inventory of the items. Lastly, they can provide round-the-clock security surveillance to protect the premises against security threats.

Additionally, they ensure peace and order during strikes and riots.

  1. Financial Facilities

Planning to put up a pawnshop or a lending firm? Then you badly need to connect with an armed security provider.

From thrift banks to multinational financial institutions, all these depend on armed security services to implement safety measures in and around their buildings. Security guards check everyone who comes inside the premises.

From customers to delivery men, the guards can frisk and scan their bags and packages to ensure no one enters the premises with a deadly weapon or anything that can compromise everyone’s safety. More importantly, they help deter robbers, especially when the guards carry high-powered rifles. Given their training in security, they know exactly how to respond to a dangerous situation, while keeping the employees and customers safe.

Moreover, the good thing about these armed security companies is that they equip their personnel with the latest weapons and gear. They also handle the maintenance of the rifles. Moreover, they shoulder the expenses for items like bullets or an AR 15 lower parts kit, among others. This means they take responsibility for the firearms and ammunition issued to them by the security company.

  1. Hospitals 

Hospitals also need the services of a reputable security provider. Like with commercial establishments, hospitals face heavy foot traffic. This is evident especially during national health emergencies.

With everybody requesting immediate attention from healthcare personnel, panic and chaos may happen. In such cases, the patients require full attention from doctors and nurses.

With security guards in place, they can take care of peace and order in the hospital. In turn, the healthcare workers can focus more on caring for the sick and providing the medical treatment they need without delays and interruptions.

Additionally, security guards ensure the safety and privacy of important people. These include your government officials and celebrities that the hospitals admit. Some security companies would deploy additional armed personnel to secure the premises until the important people are discharged.

  1. Hotels

Looking to open a hotel or resort? Make sure you hire the services of a dependable armed security provider. You need to ensure the safety of your guests the moment they alight from their vehicles to the time they check out.

This also applies to all their belongings.

Having security guards manning the area 24/7 allows guests to enjoy their stay. They will have no worries about their safety. Moreover, the guards can create a safe environment for both the guests and employees in case complaints from the former turn ugly.

Additionally, security guards can keep the building from vandalism and exterior damages and one of the best guns for this kind of protection is an M1 garand. They make sure the entire premises are crime-free and safe for all the employees and valuable guests.

  1. Educational Institutions

Another sector that benefits from armed security services is schools. Regardless if they are pre-schools or universities, they need to hire security guards to keep the students, parents, and teachers safe.

In 2019, the US recorded over 400 cases of mass shootings across the country. Some of these incidents took place in schools. Some were even perpetuated by students.

With security guards patrolling the schools’ premises, students and teachers will enjoy a high level of protection when the worst scenario happens. They can help take care of the peace and order of the academic institutions to give teachers a safe working environment and students with learning surroundings.

  1. Residential Communities

Even if your home feels like the safest place you can be, that is not always the case. Statistics reveal that one burglary occurs every 13 seconds. Moreover, 95% of home invasions involve forceful entry.

Unfortunately, 7.2% of home invasions become violent. Some of them result in fatalities.

With all these numbers, hiring armed security guards will help deter home invaders. With the guards conducting inspections at the entrance of subdivisions and communities, the chances of invaders terrorizing homes significantly go down.

Moreover, security guards can pacify squabbles between homeowners. They can prevent these incidents from further escalating.

  1. Museums

The cultural heritage sector is another group that benefits most from armed security. Places like museums and other heritage sites contain priceless items. These are easy targets for thieves if the place doesn’t have enough guards securing the area.

Apart from protecting the items from thieves and burglars, security guards also keep order in the place. They can help people maintain their lines. They can also remind visitors to act accordingly while inside the premises.

Furthermore, armed personnel can also assist the transfer of valuable items in and out of the museum. They can arrange a convoy that will follow the item until they safely reach the museum.

  1. Events Spaces

Planning to build a place for concerts and other social gatherings? Then you need to partner with a security services provider. These places cater to thousands of people all under the same roof.

With access to so many potential victims, criminals will try to sneak in and join the massive crowd. From there, anything from robbery to assault can happen.

But with security guards in place, evildoers will have second thoughts of even coming in. These guards carry radios that allow them to coordinate with other guards when a situation occurs.

Additionally, security guards also have ample training to assist during medical emergencies. They can clear the pathway in case someone requires an immediate transfer to a hospital.

  1. Commercial Parking Lots

Last but not least, security guards are also a must in commercial parking lots. Parking lots are spaces where there is little activity happening. When people alight from their vehicles, they head straight to the mall and leave their cars for several hours.

Without security guards manning the area, a lot of things can happen in between those hours. Car thieves may attack. Altercations between customers may occur.

Thus, armed security guards ensure the safety and order of parking lots, regardless of the time of day.

Cover All Bases

If your business belongs to any of the sectors we discussed above, then hiring an armed security guard is a must. Not only will it ensure the safety of people and property, but it will also boost your company’s reputation. But security is only one of the many aspects you need to cover.

Learn more about building a business through our other blog posts. We provide tips that will help you build a solid foundation for your business.