How To Protect Your Commercial Property From Security Threats

No property is immune to security threats. And there’s always a possibility that the bad guys will target a commercial space, regardless of the industry or size.

As a commercial property owner, you must take your property’s security seriously. You need to find ways to discourage intruders from breaking into your commercial space, prevent damages to your property, and maintain its value and safety for your tenants and occupants.

This article discusses some of the tips to help you secure your commercial property.

  1. Run Risk Assessment

First off, you want to do a risk assessment.

Essentially, a risk assessment means evaluating your commercial property to identify its weakest point and areas that are most vulnerable to intrusion.

After all, how can you protect your property if you don’t even know where the threats are coming from.

So, take your time to assess your commercial property. You can also involve your tenants in your risk assessment as they can be a good source of feedback on where improvements can be made.

You can also talk to a commercial property security specialist to help you in evaluating your commercial premises.

  1. Secure Exits And Entrances

For criminals to successfully burglarize a commercial property, they need to find a way in and out. Consequently, one of the primary aspects of any commercial property security is to secure building exits and entrances.

Take note of the number and placement of all your entry points. Ask yourself these questions to assess it properly, do you have strong and sturdy security doors? Is your backdoor always locked? Are there open ground-level windows?

High-quality locks are advantageous for your property and a relatively low-cost option as a security measure. All points of entry should be locked, even during commercial hours. Likewise, windows should also be secured from the inside when the space is not being used.

  1. Put A Fence

One of the basic ways of preventing unauthorized people and criminals from getting close to your commercial property is putting up a fence around the area. This is also highly advisable for vacant property security.

Chain-link fences are the most commonly used in commercial properties, but you can also opt for a wall or other sturdy types of fences to protect your premises.

Adding a fence can be another deterrent feature that can keep away thieves and other criminals.

  1. Don’t Skimp On Lighting

Proper lighting is a critical element of an effective security strategy. Criminals typically lurk on dark corners to hide their activities. Thus, a well-lit property can deter criminals from even trying to break into your commercial space.

As a basic measure, you don’t want to skimp on lighting on your entrances, exits, parking lots, and inventory spaces. However, you may also want to keep the inside well-lit, even if not in use. Make sure that there are no dark corners where criminals can hide.

The right combination of exterior and interior lighting can prevent theft, property destruction, and trespassing. Plus, a well-lit premise also goes a long way in making your tenants feel safe during dark hours.

  1. Installing Security Cameras

A good lighting system is best paired with advanced security cameras that can help you identify and record suspicious activities.

When installed on the exterior and interior of your commercial space, the video feed not only acts as a deterrent but also provides evidence of a crime if necessary.

Cameras are often placed at key locations on commercial premises including parking lots, entry points, storage facilities, restricted areas, loading docks, and just about every corner of your commercial property. You can work with a security specialist to point out the best positioning of CCTV cameras on your property.

If you have the budget, you can also take advantage of advanced CCTV technology such as motion sensors, 4k or ultra-high-definition resolution CCTV cameras, and AI cameras that can recognize suspicious behavior and integrate facial recognition systems.

It’s also important that you post signages stating that security cameras are present, to discourage the bad guys from even attempting to do the crime.

  1. Invest In Alarm Systems

In addition to security cameras, an alarm system goes a long way in keeping your commercial property safe.

Alarm systems are designed to detect an unauthorized entry into your property and notify you or the authority through a loud, audible alarm that will scare away criminals. On the contrary, you can also opt for an alarm that when activated doesn’t produce any sound but alerts the owners to call the authorities and catch criminals on the act.

Alarm sensors are often added to doors and windows as well as on valuable items on the premise.


Regardless of the size of your commercial property, there are a number of fundamental security strategies that you should be doing to keep your property secure. Follow the above tips and always be on guard and vigilant on new security measures to ensure that your commercial property, the valuables inside, and your tenants stay safe and secure.

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