6 Best types of gravel for driveways that you must know before making it

Gravel drive

Gravel driveways enhance the appeal of the house when they are made with the right kind of gravel and appropriately set up and maintained.

Gravel driveways are less expensive as compared to asphalt or concrete but they needmore maintenance. It is important to find the best kind of gravelto construct a stable and attractive driveway.

Pea Gravel

One of the most famous forms of gravelis pea gravel that is used for many landscaping projectsespecially forthe construction of residential driveways. The stone is small in size, hasa smooth surface and round appearance.

The pea gravel features a variety of colors. Youwill seeflecks of black, green, gray, red, blue, tan, white, and brown. The color and texture of stone make then aesthetically pleasing.

River Rock

River rock means a diverse collection of rocks that have been rounded and worn by the action of moving water. It comes in a variety of colors, textures, and sizes. The surface of river rocks is smoothed by the action of moving water. The cost of river rocks highly depends on the season, availability and area, therefore you can call around to check the best price.

Crushed Stone

Several varieties of gravel comprise of small-sized, sharply angled fragments of stones that are created by mechanically crushing the natural quarried stone. The gravel comes in a variety of a color which depends on the type of stone it is manufactured from, and some mixes hold a range of stone colors and types. Usually,crushed stones comein red, gray, white and blue colors.

Due to their angular pieces that are likely to hold together, the crushed stones work best for paths and driveways. The gravel set down, creating a solid surface that doesn’t migrate or shift under the mass of the vehicle.

Washed Clean Stone

Washed clean stone, as the name suggests is highly washed and clean stone. It is similar to crushed stone in the manufacturing process and composition except for the thoroughly cleaning step where all the impurities are removed. This cleaning process makes sure that there is no impurity or unwanted material remains among the gravel.

White Marble Chips

White marble chips are commonly used for walkways and paths or as a substitute to organic mulch but they can also be used to buildan ethereal gravel driveway. In contrast to their name white marble chips are not white purely but have streaks of gray which add to their beauty.The surface of white marble stone hassparking and shimmering sheen which reflects the light and attracts the eyes.

Jersey Shore Gravel (Yellow)

It is a kind of an aggregate of small stone with characteristic yellow color,a combination of shades of tan, white, brown and golden. Jersey shore gravel imitates the color of beach sand and is mostly employed as a top layer in driveways. It appears as pea gravel due to its rounded shape, smooth surface and needsdriveway edging and border to hold it in place.