What is employee engagement and how can it help your organisation?

keep your employees fit

Engagement among employees is of utmost importance in the 21st-century workforce.

With more people active in the service economy, providing a high-quality service depends on your employees. How can you make sure that your employees deliver upon their promise? This can be understood by finding out what is employee engagement.

Challenging times ahead

Since the pandemic started in 2020, lots of people are working from home. This makes it even more important to understand their challenges. The goal is to keep them satisfied through engagement and providing them with the right tools and mindset. First, you need to understand what they need. This can be accomplished through face-to-face interviews between managers and employees. For employees, it can be challenging to bring everything to the table. Therefore, it helps to provide training and a guideline to managers to make sure they conduct the interviews in the right way.

Collecting the outcomes of the interviews

Managers can combine the outcomes of interviews into an overview. This helps them to set-up actions and make sure that challenges are addressed. For example, some employees might want to have more frequent catch-ups. Others would like to have better equipment for their home office. When you have an overview of these requests, you can decide where you want to allocate resources to.

What is employee engagement when analysing a larger group

When you are interested to learn about engagement for large groups, interviews become more difficult. Luckily there are tools out there you can use. For example, a good way to conduct employee listening is the use of surveys. The surveys are measuring engagement based on several dimensions. Together, they form a strong foundation to understand what your people need.

Dashboards and other insights

The surveys are brought together by specialised tools into a dashboard. Here, you can analyse the current state and zoom into specific departments. Of course, results are anonymized, and drilling down is not possible into small teams. However, it does help you to see which departments need what type of attention. When it comes to advanced tooling, actions can also be provided to the managers. Hereby they can take action directly and measure their progress along the way.

Effectory tooling

Effectory employee engagement is one of the leading providers that facilitate employee listening. Through their extensive experience, they have developed tools and methodologies to foster engagement. These tools do not only help you to understand how your employees feel but also come with actions. The actions are based on their extensive experience and best practices. Another upside? You can measure the engagement as the actions are implemented along the way. Herewith, you can continuously improve your employee engagement.

Want to learn more about employee engagement and what it can mean for your organisation? Research on the tools and methodologies available and see how they can fit into your organisation. More engaged employees result in a satisfied and productive workforce.