Startup creates a new wireless power transmission system to revolutionize consumer electronics and electric car industries


Researchers at Reasonance have developed a new form of wireless power transmission that reduces existing technology costs by up to 90% and extends charging distance from today’s maximum of 20cm to one meter.

The company is set to provide a wide range of industrial partners with the new technology which combines inductive and capacitive solutions uniquely in one form factor. This in turn creates a more powerful electromagnetic field at a much lower cost than comparative developments.
Anton Vishnevsky, CEO, Reasonance said: “Today there are very few projects in wireless power transmission. This is because the hardware can be too large and the costs too high. For instance the cost of a charging system for a budget electric car can be $10,000. With our technology breakthrough the cost plummets and won’t exceed $1,000.”
When charging an electric vehicle the company is able to transmit 11 kW at a frequency of 85 kHz, over a distance of 30 cm and with an efficiency rate of 93%. In general the Reasonance system enables energy transmission of up to one meter distance using frequencies that are safe for people and animals within the context of magnetic resonance.
This compares to a range of 0.5 cm for power transfer with magnetic induction and with magnetic resonance a power transference distance of up to 20 cm. However, the distance reached with the Reasonance system can also be increased proportionally by increasing the diameter of the transmitter coil.
The company stresses that it has no plans to independently launch devices powered with its technology. Rather its business model is based on developing royalties from manufacturers using the technology in their products. As such it has already applied for over 100 patents in the United States, Canada, Europe, China, India and South Korea.