Laminate flooring maintenance tips

Laminate floor

Laminate flooring becomes the most favorite flooring option for many homeowners in the city today.

It is not only easy to install, but it becomes a cheap laminate flooring for any residence. You can install these modern floors in your living room, bedroom, kitchen, and dining room. However, when you already install laminate flooring, it seems that you have to always maintain it. you can read the flooring laminate flooring maintenance tips so your floors will always look good and new.

Don’t wear shoes at home

Since you install laminate floors for your home concept, you have to understand that your shoes may damage the floor, especially if you wear stiletto style heels. If you do not want to leave any mark on your floor, then it is better to put off the shoes when entering the home. You can provide a small basket or a rack to store shoes in front of the entrance.

Use protective mats and rugs

If you want to protect your laminate flooring from damage, you can use protective mats or rugs that will minimize dirt on the floor. In this case, you can put the mats or rugs in front of the front door or put small rugs inside your kid’s playroom or in the hallway.

Clean your laminate floor regularly

When dirt stays on your laminate floors, it can damage the floor in the future. So, you may try to clean the laminate floor regularly so that it will not happen to your floor. You can either use a vacuum cleaner or broom to clean the floor every morning and afternoon.

Clean the floor with water

Can you clean the laminate floor with water? Well, it is not a big problem to clean your laminate floor using water, but you should not do it so often. Also, you should not utilize any nasty abrasive scourers, polish, wax, or cleaners. Meanwhile, you can clean the floor with water twice a week.

Don’t keep a pet

If you plan to keep a cat in your house, you must think twice before your laminate floor gets damaged due to its nails. Some pets like to scratch the floor so that the floor of your home is scratched. If you have pets then you should keep an eye on them and make sure they don’t scratch the floor.

Avoid spills

When you spill something on your laminate flooring, you have to clean it up immediately. The laminate floor must not be wet because it can damage the surface of the floor. Some cheap laminate flooring will break easily if it is spilled.

Move your furniture slowly

Since laminate flooring is made from hardwood, it is easy to scratch. Therefore, if you want to move your furniture, then you have to lift the furniture and never drag it because it can scratch the floor surface.

In summary, those are some tips for laminate flooring maintenance that you can try just in case you want to keep your laminate floor looking new and nice, especially if you install cheap laminate flooring that is not scratch resistant.