Waydev – Easy Way To Understand Your Developers


There are times when you actually want to understand your developers but fail to do so.

Well, Waydev is one visual and fast way to do so. It analyzes the codebase straight from Gitlab, Github, Azure DevOps, and even Bitbucket. The main goal is to help you bring out the best within your engineers and their works to increase the final productivity of your firm. This platform has been featured to be pretty easy to use as the Data Visualization Software in 2020.

This form of software is mainly amazing for the customers, who are technology companies with over 50 engineers working for them. Waydev seems to be one amazing match for the forward thinking firms out there, no matter whatever the industry might have been. The starting price of this software will be somewhere around $449 annual, for every user. You might further end up with a free version as well. Waydev can also provide you with a free trial. Be sure to visit the official website to learn more about the pricing details.

Get to some of the features:

Before you make sure to invest some money on the Waydev, it is vital to get in touch with some of the features included in the list. That will help you to make a better choice with the options in here.

  • Data visualization: Here, you will receive custom dashboards, analytics or reporting, OLAp, filtered views, visual discovery and relational display.
  • Application Development: There are three major features in here and those are collaboration tools, access controls or permissions, and reporting or analytics.
  • Application lifecycle management: In here, you have two major points to address and those are Version Control and Project Management.
  • Application performance management: Here, you have baseline manager as the main feature. Two of the other options are performance control and diagnostic tools.
  • DevOps: Under this category, you have the famous KPIs and Dashboard to work out on.

More about the software platform:

Through Waydev, you get the golden opportunity to measure performance automatically. It helps to analyze codebase, tickets and PRs for helping you to bring out the best within every engineer’s work. You can download it for free or just opt for the Playbook version of it. Now you get the chance to complete the visibility of team with one data-driven story of how everyone is performing.

  • Daily standups:

Get the opportunity to enjoy single view of the contributions and work habits of your team. Now you can zoom right into all the pull requests and commits on an engineer and what he produces within a day. It helps you to make some productive decisions and expectations in a proactive manner. It will help your team to improve the task with time.

  • Aim for one to one meetings:

Some of the valuable insights into engineers’ outputs will help you to get direct one to one effective level. Get the option to enjoy accurate metrics, which will assist you in reflecting the performance level well.

  • Workflow of the code review:

There are some valuable insights into every engineer’s output that you can get with Waydev. The workflow of the code will ensure if your business is moving towards the positive direction or not.

Automation will stand at heart of every product:

To say in the layman’s term, Waydev is the new form of agile based data-driven method, which will track engineer’s output directly from git repos without any manual input.

  • You will enjoy high end visibility without any more guessing. Get the chance to enjoy granular visibility for managing your team better with present objective data.
  • Then you have velocity working in your favor. Understand all the insights in real-time and get to reduce the engineering cycle time. It can further help in increasing the development speed well.
  • Improve the efficiencies and get to speed up the product development well. All these steps are surely going to drive up the productivity level of your firm.

So, waste no time further and get yourself Waydev right on time. The flexible architecture will integrate well with the git platforms that you have used already. It is one way to unlock data value for the final business growth.