Visiting Dubai? Here are the 11 things that you must know!

People from all over the globe have Dubai as one of their preferred locations for a perfect vacation. The tourism industry in Dubai clearly displays no signs of slowing down.

From big skyscrapers, beautiful beaches, water sports, dinner cruise Dubai Marina, shopping malls, heritage places to the culture; there is something for everybody in the city. However, if you are visiting Dubai for the first time, we bring to you the 11 things that you must know for having an excellent time in the city.

Steer Clear from the Hottest Months

If you wish to avoid the sweaty experience, the best time to visit Dubai is between November and March. In summers, the temperature can go up to 55 C+ and we don’t need to tell how hot it will be during that temperature. However, there is an advantage if you visit during peak summers. The hotel rates are drastically low during that time due to less footfall of tourists. So, if you can bear the heat, go for it.

The Food Scene is Amazing

Dubai is a multicultural city. You can see people from the Philippines, Iran, Yemen, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, and even Afghanistan as a part of the local population. Hence, as far as the food is concerned, there is absolutely no dearth of choices whether you are visiting a luxury restaurant or opting for street food. The city also offers foodie tours for tourists.

Book Flights & Hotels Well-In-Advance

As mentioned before, the tourism industry in Dubai is booming. October through April is usually considered as the prime months for tourists. Hence, it is extremely recommended to book flights well-in-advance. If you seek to stay in a nice place during your visit, book a hotel for you and your travel partners like 2-3 months in advance. From here, you can understand the need for immaculate planning beforehand.

Traveling During Ramadan

Ramadan is the holy month for Muslims. If you happen to travel to Dubai during Ramadan, respect the fasting practice observed by the Muslims during this time. This means, it is not recommended to eat, drink, or smoke in public in front of the local population between sunrise and sunset.

Don’t Wear Flashy Clothes

Both men and women are expected to dress modestly in Dubai. If, as a woman, you are wearing clothing that is short, flashy, transparent, or tight, it is considered indecent in the city. As a male, you shouldn’t walk around without wearing a shirt. However, feel free on the beach. A bikini will definitely suffice while you are on the beach.

Alcohol is Present

Though drinking alcohol is considered a nefarious practice in Islam, alcohol is present in Dubai. However, the distribution of alcohol is limited to licensed hotel restaurants, bars, and clubs. But, please don’t go overboard with alcohol. While catching a taxi or walking back to your location, if you are extremely drunk, you might have to face police intervention. Public drunkenness is heavily frowned upon in the city.

Public Display of Affection is a Strict No-No

If you are walking hand-in-hand, hugging, or kissing your partner in public, you are bound to get in trouble in Dubai. There are couples who indulged in physical intimacy in public places and got arrested for the same.

Malls contain a lot more than mere showrooms

When in Dubai, visiting the Dubai Mall is a must. The beautiful thing about malls in Dubai is that they are not limited to food courts and shopping stations. There are aquariums, ski slopes, ice rinks and more in these malls. Visiting one of these malls in Dubai will easily consume a complete day of yours. You will be thrilled right from the very entrance.

Taking Pictures of Strangers is Prohibited

If you knowingly or unknowingly click a photograph of a stranger especially a Muslim woman in Dubai without their permission, you are definitely calling for trouble. Hence, unless you are taking a picture of a spot heavily infested by tourists, please seek permission before taking pictures. Make sure you don’t capture shots of any government buildings.

Taxis are Cheap

You will find plenty of taxis in Dubai and they are considerably cheap. Metros are cheaper than taxis; however, their stations are located at not so convenient locations. Hence, it is better if you move around in a taxi around the city. Moreover, since the pedestrian paths are almost non-existent in the city, it is better to move around in a taxi if you wish to ogle the splendid architecture of the city.

There are Gold Souks

Dubai is well-known for its love for gold. There are souks selling gold in Dubai. The beautiful thing is that you can actually bargain over the price of gold in these souks. Even if you don’t wish to buy, you are welcome to have a look. It is worth mentioning over here that apart from gold souks, there are souks selling spices as well. So, if you are looking to add some flavor to your food back home, make sure you get some spices packed from these souks.

Final Words

Before you depart, you must know that Dubai is a perfect amalgamation of modernism and traditionalism. Do visit the old Dubai to catch a glimpse of the rich cultural heritage of the city. So, these were the 11 things that you must know before heading to Dubai. If you are one of the frequent travelers to Dubai, please feel free to let us know in case we are missing something crucial. For any kind of questions and queries, please utilize the comments section provided below. We will provide the required answers on a priority basis.