Uncertainties over Brexit deal prevail despite UK-EU’s new agreement

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Amid the Brexit chaos that has led to resignations of major UK leaders in the past, achieved a new landmark recently after Prime Minister Boris Johnson secured a deal with the EU at the beginning of the Brussels summit.

Johnson assured the UK-EU negotiators that he would get the Brexit deal through the parliament. The critics believe that the deal gives the European nations a sense of unity. The deal that was signed by a group of 27 leaders in a very little time was warmly welcomed by all.

The new deal added new norms to the controversial Irish backstop, which will be put to MPs in a weekend sitting, although EU’s chief negotiator Michel Barnier said that the text of the agreement was the same as a year ago.

Like Dutch leader Mark Rutte, who claimed his happiness over the new Brexit deal, Ireland’s Leo Varadkar acclaimed that the deal was a proof of how the EU can pull together with the UK. The new deal delivers most of the benefits of the backstop without actually being a backstop.

The critics believe that since many have compromised their divisive views to get the deal done, the failure of this deal could lead to a complete loss of faith and interest in Johnson’s government. Above all Johnson has assured European Commission President Juncker of getting the deal through the House of Commons on Saturday.

One of the major reason for Juncker’s agreement to the new Brexit deal is lack of time as he is leaving his post in six weeks. Thus, through the medium of the deal, he wishes to put an end to the Brexit chaos without extension as it has severely affected the British economy, since its initiation.

Meanwhile, the EU is planning for two paths. If the deal passes through the House of Commons, then the UK members could expect a meeting of EU ambassadors on Sunday, the Brexit steering group of MEPs on Monday, the parliament’s constitutional affairs committee on Tuesday before finally being ratified by the European Parliament, by Thursday.

If not, then the meeting on Sunday would decide the fate of the Brexit. The whole of Europe braces for the effects of Brexit deal and is preparing for the consequences that could even bring forward greater uncertainties including both the beneficiaries and the losses.