New car sales

Technological advances have changed the way we all live. Changes to how we buy and use products are at the forefront of the marketplace.

We are becoming more and more dependent upon mobile devices, computers, sensors, and GPS. GPS is used to track your location, as well as allowing you to find places easily without using an old school map. Not all these changes are for the better, though. It has been shown that as the use of mobile devices increase, good driving habits decrease. 20% to 30% of people that text while driving is likely to get into an accident. This is not encouraging news since we all see the next generation of drivers walking around with their heads attached to a screen of some kind. This is cause for an increase in insurance costs due to the rise in accidents that is predicted from these percentages.

The making of autonomous cars has been a heated issue of debate. These types of cars and trucks still require a human driver that has their full attention on the road, and everything surrounding them. This leaves the question of who should be responsible if an accident should occur. It has been suggested that the company making the vehicle should be subject to take full responsibility. However, others state that since the autonomous car must be supervised by an alert driver, that the one that is insured to drive the car should be liable. The impact of these vehicles on the insurance industry is huge. They will have to adapt to the changing times and decide who they are going to insure when it comes to liability. Either way, though, it has been projected that within 20 years or so insurance prices will come down because of the safety ratings involved with automatic cars.

Artificial intelligence is starting to be integrated into many of the vehicles, and online ordering programming. The system will learn what the consumer wants, and then will guide them in the direction of buying the policy that the computer system feels is perfect for the driver getting the policy. It is a self-thinking computer that adapts to each interface user. If you want to check out an online company, go and check out comprehensive car insurance quotes at iselect. Once it is set up there will be very little selling, or upkeep, that the insurance agent will have to do. This will lower the amount of the premium because they will not have to do as much work. The AI system does all the research and offers the insurance policy based upon the person’s needs. The agent simply must verify the paperwork and activate the policy.

The new technological option that will lower costs dramatically is a device installed in the car, or through your smartphone, that tracks how you drive. A safe driver will get discounts because it is shown in data how likely they are to get into an accident. A driver that is behind the wheel very little will be able to get a UBI policy. This is a Usage-Based Insurance plan that charges you by how often you drive. If you drive a couple of times a month there is no reason to pay a huge premium. A study conducted by the University of British Columbia shows that people with a device monitoring their driving drove better and had fewer accidents.

Technology has taken over society in a big way. Insurance companies that have adapted will have to continue to stay ahead of the changes to offer good insurance that covers what it needs to cover. As we move into the future technology will get better and better. Some people predict that the basic driver will not even need insurance within the next couple of decades. The manufacturing companies will have to cover any issues that may come from driving automatic cars with AI systems.