Want to make your own Crypto Currency: Follow with This.


Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency, where all the concepts of cryptocurrency took place.

Bitcoin is one of the revolutionary cryptocurrencies. This was announced in the year 2008 and was launched in 2009. This cryptocurrency was launched by a person named Satoshi

Nakamoto. Initially, this was just a few dollars, but now, if we see the statistics, the price of bitcoin is thousands of dollars.

After seeing such growth, various people think of launching their cryptocurrency. To start a new cryptocurrency initially, a person needs to know the difference between token and Coin. There is just a tiny difference between the two.

Difference between Token And Coin

Coin: The Coin is the crypto in which the whole system, including the blockchain, is of the owner owning the crypto. The whole responsibility of the blockchain becomes of the owner.

Token: in the case of the whole token system, the blockchain system is used for another cryptocurrency like Ethereum.

If a person wants to start his cryptocurrency, he must have some things to keep in mind. Various factors are necessary to be taken care of like:

  • If a person has his blockchain system, then he must need his person, or he might have to complete the coding along with some experience.
  • The owner must need some of the staff available 24/7 to take care of the customers having problems.

Advantages to customers after creating own cryptocurrency

  • Significantly less fraud rate.
  • Complete transaction anonymity.
  • Very few transactions charges
  • Immediate transactions to the users despite any holidays etc.

Different Blockchain Platforms

  • Ethereum (market share — 82.70%)
  • Waves (WAVES)
  • next (NXT)
  • BlockStarter
  • EOS
  • BitShares 2.0
  • CoinList
  • Hyperledger Fabric
  • IBM blockchain
  • MultiChain
  • HydraChain
  • BigChain
  • DBOpenchain
  • Chain Core
  • QuorumIOTA

The main advantage of launching a new cryptocurrency is that once the crypto comes to the market, the price of the crypto will increase. This is because the central portion of the crypto is in the hands of the user. So, in the future, as the price of the crypto increases, he can sell bitcoin in parts, and then he can very quickly sell his crypto in parts and earn a considerable amount of money.

Legalize your cryptocurrency

Once the crypto is launched in the market, try to make the crypto legalized so that there is no problem with the government in the future. If suddenly your crypto gets banned using BitQZ , there will be significant losses to the users who have bought your crypto, including the owner, as crypto has enormous investments.

Benefits of cryptocurrency

  • Cryptocurrencies are the future of the modern era. As we have seen the earlier times also, around 5 to 6 years ago, bitcoin was around 2 to 3 lakhs, but with time the prices have reached the sky. Now the price of bitcoin is around 32 lakhs. Before the market crash, it was about 40 lakhs. Even after such a big market crash, the price of bitcoin is so high that the prices may get twice or thrice now in the future.
  • There are very few transaction charges as compared to the other modes of the transaction.
  • It takes very little time for the transaction to take place.
  • This is a universal currency and can be used in any part of the world.
  • Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies are so easy to handle that everything is available on the phone.
  • The market is very volatile as the bitcoin prices can rise in just a single night and can make huge profits to the users.

A good owner of the crypto holder must need and assume all the possible causes for the crypto which might affect him so that the prices of the crypto must rise instead of getting banned.


Creating your own Coin or a token may be considered a good idea, but all the factors need to be considered. Even creating your own token or Coin may incur high prices. Creating your crypto or a token is very costly even after using the blockchain of the other user.

Because there are some other factors like creating audits, making regular promotions, etc., but yeah, once the crypto comes in the front, it will help users make huge profits in a significantly less time period along with the owner.