The British online bingo industry in 2020


Bingo is big business here in the UK. During the latter part of the last century, bingo halls have become part and parcel of the British national identity.

Although player attendance to these halls has declined in the last decade, the game continues to be a popular pastime, both live and online. Combined, live bingo halls and their web-based versions were estimated to be worth £1bn at the start of 2019, and continue to be popular today. However, it remains to be seen whether or not this number will go up by the end of 2020.

Given the current situation that the world finds itself in the UK’s remaining bingo halls are at a huge disadvantage. At the same time, given that same situation, the British online bingo industry is in a unique position for growth as not only the British, but the world in large, are stuck at home. In fact, a report by WhichBingo – an independent online bingo review website – shows some very promising statistics for the industry in 2020. Issued on March 27, the report indicates that out of those who play online bingo, 78% play at least once every week, 72% do it across multiple sites, and 27% deposit upwards of £50 into those sites monthly. These players have found online bingo so appealing that 70% report setting deposit limits on themselves in order to curb their own spending.

In short, business is definitely going in a positive direction for the online bingo industry in the earlier half of 2020. “We are confident that the success and popularity of online bingo will continue to grow throughout 2020,” explains Stuart Simms, CEO of XLMedia, which owns and operates WhichBingo. Simms also says that his company will “to help brands adapt and meet new guidelines as further regulation in the market helps create long-term sustainability and greater profitability, and an enhanced overall experience for users.”

Looking at current bingo sites, it’s obvious that it’s not just people being stuck at home that are contributing to the game’s online rise. The dominance of the UK’s many bingo halls in the past have translated into a diverse market for bingo and similar games on the web. Foxy Bingo’s diverse array of games shows the sort of titles now offered by online providers with options to play the 30-ball, 70-ball, 80-ball, and 90-ball versions of the game. This is along with a slew of thematic bingo rooms and slot games aimed at virtually every imaginable demographic. Meanwhile, bigger players in the online gaming industry like 888 Holdings and Kindred Group PLC combine bingo with different virtual versions of games that you can find at physical casinos – casting their nets further in terms of attracting different players.

In short, the online bingo and gaming market is extremely diverse, and players of all kinds are likely to find something that will cater to their tastes somewhere. While traditional bingo halls will take a hit this year, expect the online industry to keep growing.

Image: Pixabay