What To Look For Before Hiring A Software Developer For Your Company

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Are you looking to add a new software developer to your team? The kind of software developer you hire can make or break your team.

The right one will take your team and project to success, while the wrong one will delay the project and lack the ability to resolve critical issues.

If you want any kind of developer like android developers for hire, then search for the following qualities in them. These qualities separate great developers from good ones.

Programming and Technical Skills

This is an obvious one. When you hire a software developer, make sure they have solid programming skills. Ideally, they should be competent in more than one programming language with in-depth knowledge in at least one.

Since there is a sharp focus on frameworks these days, you may overlook strong, fundamental skills. Don’t make that mistake. Even if they work on the front-end code, they must have an understanding of concepts like interfaces, inheritance, and Polymorphism.

Look for programmers who write logical, clean, and high-quality code.

Technical Experience 

Programmers typically work on several technologies and become competent in quite a few of them. Look for someone who has experience in technology similar to yours. This way, they would be able to transition to your company and project seamlessly.

It will be easier for them to follow your coding standards and write code that is understandable and leave the necessary guidelines on how to proceed further. This will help others to work on it efficiently when it gets passed to them.

Experienced developers will be capable of combining their experience and cognitive abilities to deliver optimum solutions. They will also be quite familiar with the best software practices.

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Team Player

When you find software developers for your team, look for those who are team players. They should have the ability to help other developers get better or help when they get stuck. The developers should be open to teaching new skills to their team members.

At the end of the day, the job of a software developer is to create the right product with their team instead of just writing code. So, it is critical that they can communicate with other team members to develop the product.

Find someone who works well with others and treats them with respect instead of wanting to work in isolation.

Project Management Skills

Software developers should know how to use and implement project management tools. This is crucial if you are looking for someone in a leadership position. This trait helps the developer track projects, assign tasks, share and collaborate documents with team members, and schedule projects.

The developer should be able to define the timelines of the project they are working on and convey the same. This will help the company understand how much time and money is being spent on the project.

Focuses on End-User 

Don’t look for someone who is just focused on delivering the project. Look for someone who thinks of the end-user of the product. Such developers will put in their abilities to great use to develop a product that will create value for the user.

They will push back when they feel that some feature adds no value to the product or the users. Such feedback eventually allows you to create a product that your end-users will love.

Goes the Extra Mile

Great programmers go beyond their job description to bring value to the project. They demonstrate a passion for developing a product to its best possible version.

Apart from just coding, they would carry out testing of code, work on projects on the side as a hobby or contribute to open source projects. Such developers will go the extra mile, which will benefit the company.

Fast Self-Learner

Software and programming are continually evolving, and if the developer doesn’t show a keen interest in learning, don’t hire them. The developers should be able to pick up new technologies and best practices quickly.

There should be an innate desire to learn without anyone having to teach them. They should learn new programming skills on their own and stay abreast of the latest technology. Further, they should be able to use that knowledge to the company’s advancement and success.

Problem Solver

If you think of it in-depth, the main objective of a software developer is to solve problems. They should be able to identify issues that the projects are facing. These can be bugs in the system, increased demand for the product, dealing with the complexity of the code, or a scalability problem.

Once the issue is identified, the developer should be capable of resolving it efficiently and quickly.


Coding for long hours at a stretch may sound intimidating to a lot of people. So, they may get distracted and do everything except the coding.

Look for a programmer who has the focus to stay on task and the project. They should be able to stay focused on the short term as well as long term goals. If they go on tangential projects of their own, the main project will suffer.


Last but not least, hire a software developer who is passionate about the work they do. If they are just looking for a paycheck, they will do just enough on the job. They will not go the extra mile nor put any extra effort to improve the quality and outcome of the project.

Those who are passionate will explore new technologies on their own, push their limits, and challenge themselves to do better. They would spend their free or personal time, learning new skills and techniques that will help them perform better at work.

This is a critical trait that most recruiters don’t take seriously. A passionate developer will bring more to the table than an equally skilled developer who lacks passion.

Concluding Words

When you hire someone for your team, you need to be certain that they will add value to the team. Their addition should make the team better. Keep looking till you find the right fit for your team and company.