Should You Buy a New LoL Account if you’re Stuck in ELO Hell?

As with any online video game, including League of Legends – luck won’t always be on your side, and you will get stuck playing a game with inexperienced teammates making you lose the game!

Sometimes this experience is aggravated with toxicity or teammates quitting the game. RIOT Games are always pushing their limits to reduce this kind of toxicity and bring good and friendly vibes to the game. But despite all of their efforts – RIOT still struggles to maintain a positive environment. We all know how hard it is for them to keep their fanbase and make the game spotless from any kind of negativity.

League of Legends is a passionate game, especially when you are playing those sweaty ranked games and you want to win at any cost. But sometimes, things don’t go as planned no matter how hard you try. The passion turns to anger, and your performance drops significantly, along with your focus. Because of these moments, countless players tumble down the ELO hell where it’s nothing but boring!

If you’re one of these players stuck in ELO hell – read on to learn about all the reasons why you should consider purchasing a brand new LoL account!

Are You Ready to Leave The Empire You’ve Built?

For some, League of Legends is just a game where they want to chill and relax. For others, it’s nothing related to chilling – it’s moments filled with crying and yelling, smashing the PC, and all types of aggressive behaviour that comes with playing a ranked game and losing because of incompetent teammates.

Match after match of a bad experience can build that repulsion and make you want to start all over. But are you ready to give up all the progress that you already have on your main account? Ready to give up on the skins and the Champion Mastery Score just to start brand new? These are just a few questions that we always ask ourselves before turning the page and starting all over.

If you are ready to leave all the progress behind and start the journey outside the horrifying depts of ELO hell – we have a solution for you. On the following sites, you can find the best smurf accounts with all the preferences you desire for the lowest price:, G2G, Gamermarkt, IGVault, and so on. All of these sites are scam-free and guarantee delivery of what you buy. If you decide to purchase from another website, make sure to do research first.

Get Account To Make Better Experience For Your Squad

Usually, we want to enjoy League of Legends after a long and exhausting day with our squad and experience some good gaming sessions. To avoid breaking this habit or turning it into something irritating, buying a LoL account is a smart choice.

Without the tension you feel when your lower-ranked friends are dragging you further down ELO hell – you will have quality time filled with laughter and joy instead. You can now finally focus on the non-competitive and entertaining part of the game, thus not having to worry about losing the game and your rank. So, buying a LoL account is a great choice in this situation.

Are You the Problem That You are Stuck in ELO Hell?

Sometimes we just can’t get around ourselves and blame everything around but never search for the problem within us. Is it really us that is the reason for falling into the ELO Hell? It’s a question we should always ask ourselves if we want to improve as much as we can!

If you sense that you are losing too much LP, you should recheck your performance and your current ELO before reaching out to buy a new account right away. If you are stubborn and can’t realise that you’re the one holding yourself back, not only will you spend too much money buying accounts but you’re also hurting the community.

If you think your skills are better and typically carry your teammates, but you lose more points when losing the game and get less when winning – that’s the time when you should consider buying a new account.

By visiting and, you will get great info on your account standings. These 2 sites will show 99% correctness of your current account ELO and will show you if you entered ELO Hell.

Plus, a very popular asset that most League of Legends summoners are using is the application. With this app, you will be able to change runes right before your game, implement builds, see counters real-time in champion select, and much more. Most importantly – this app will show all the good/bad stuff after the game, and from that inside information, you will get a better picture of your current skill. If has positive feedback on your games – you should really consider saving your nerves and buying a new account with a clear ranked history.

Things to Know Before Leaving Your ELO Hell Account

If you’re still wondering whether you want to buy a new LoL account, simply ask yourself this question: Am I really a skilled player that somehow fell in ELO Hell and can’t escape or am I just another person not admitting I’m not good enough? If the answer is yes, we suggest you buy an account with clear rank history as it will help you rank higher.

If, on the other hand, your answer to that question is no – we suggest playing the game on your old account until you polish your skills. Once you do – go ahead and buy an unranked level 30 account!

However, we must note that Account Trading/Boosting is prohibited per RIOT’s Terms and Conditions on the official page. So, you have to be careful about which site you choose to buy an account from. We suggest you only engage with secure marketplaces such as the ones we mentioned at the beginning of the blog.