Seven unknown hobbies of American football players

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Americans adore football players whether they’re playing versus another team in a match or interacting with fans.

Their love for football continues to grow, and we can see why. With such incredible players topping the tables, the hype surrounding this game is only fair. But have you ever imagined what it is like to be a football player? Your mind must fill with images of glamour and fame.

However, we tend to forget they’re ordinary human beings like us, and some of them have strange and unknown hobbies. This article will go over some top seven unknown hobbies of NFL players. Over 1000 NFL players, excluding playoff teams, are free to go about with their hobbies or vacation. A lot of fans empathize with their favorite players who may be missing from the game season or contract year. That being said, they like to get over it by engaging in some of these interesting yet peculiar hobbies.

Jimmy Graham- flying

The Seahawks’ Jimmy Graham will need to wait before going on his offseason hobbies due to the league’s games. During his offseason days, Graham likes to spend his time in the sky. He happens to be a stunt pilot and proves it with his fascinating videos on his Instagram. He even dreams of flying professionally in contests.

Matt Elam- entrepreneurship

Believe it or not, Matt thought it was a good idea to get hired in a shopping mall just to sell shoes! He decided to involve himself in the shoe selling biz only as a means of a part-time job contributing to his general knowledge in retails. The Ravens’ star aspires to have his own sports merchandising company upon his retirement from the NFL.

George Johnson- Dog Shows

The Buc’s team’s defensive end player adores his pets just as any other pet owner. However, he likes to spend his free time relaxing at Euro Palace Casino and take things up a notch by preparing his two wonderful canines to compete in a dog show circuit. Johnson owns a bulldog, Pepper, who has managed to bag several dog competitions.

Vernon Davis- Owns an Art Gallery

The tight end player for the Redskins has his art gallery that goes by Gallery 85, situated North of California. He established his gallery to raise funds for the foundation under his name, also known as the ‘Foundation for the Arts.’ Not to mention, he also possesses two Jamba Juices.

Bernard Pollard- Inventor

Bernard is a bit more into creating new inventions. He enjoys and prefers spending his free time inventing. He recently came up with Style Pro 31, which a gadget for your bathroom, creating more space for your counter.

Justin Tucker- Opera Singer

The Raven’s kicker has a peculiar hobby. Tucker happens to be a professional and trained singer. Not too long ago, he received an invitation for a performance by the New York Opera to perform at the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra. This football star’s talent shines in his game and in singing for the opera professionally. He also has the ability to sing in different languages as well.

Von Miller- Chicken Farmer

Von Miller is famous for being able to navigate quarterbacks. Other than being one of the league’s strongest pass rushers also have an incredible love for chicken farming and playing n1 casino. Miller loves his hobby so much he plans on being a chicken farmer permanently after retiring from the NFL. He currently possesses a 3000sq ft. poultry farm with over 40 chickens in it.

These sure are some crazy and unique hobbies. It is interesting to see that some die-heart footballers are just like ordinary people and tend to have a ton of likes and dislikes and interests too!