Louis Cooke Discusses How to Get More Traffic to a Shopify Store

Traffic is the number of views that a website receives. A good search engine ranking on google drives traffic to your business.

Louis Cooke started in E-commerce when he was 16 and has operated several web stores since. In his experience building Physical Brands, Louis Cooke says that the most defining characteristic is the source of traffic they receive.

Besides having a quality store on Shopify, one of your primary concerns should be how you’re going to get people to look at your store. While you must get a large audience to look at your business, Louis says that return customers are far more valuable than window-shoppers. Therefore, you should not only focus on getting people to view your site, but you should also retain the ones that convert into an actual business. Louis Cooke shares a step by step process of not only getting an audience but one that is willing to spend on your product.

  1. Focus on Building a Brand

Don’t just set up a store to get quick sales; give it a purpose and focus on providing quality service. Some of the ways to turn your effort into practical work are:

  • Use a personalized name for your store. Use your name to make your brand feel more personal
  • Sell solutions rather than products. As a marketing strategy, talk about the answers you are providing, then recommend a product
  • Give people a reason to consider your brand over other massive brand names.
  1. Give Solutions Before Products

According to Louis Cooke, most ventures fail because they focus on the product more than providing solutions.

People want to buy solutions, and a product is only just a small part of this. People care about what your product will do for them, and therefore you must understand where your solution fits in.

When coming up with a business model, Louis says that you should emphasize how you will create results. Although it is a laborious process that only gets easier with experience, Louis says that people will generally stick around once you establish your brand.

  1. Focus on warm traffic but do not ignore cold traffic

Warm traffic is people who have previously engaged with your content and already trust your brand; therefore, they are likely to purchase from you. On the other hand, cold traffic is people who have absolutely no idea about your brand or what you offer. It is instinctive to want to engage with warm traffic more so that they can purchase from your business again, but Louis says that it pays to also invest in reaching out to cold traffic.

Don’t be afraid to approach new audiences and get them on board despite the off chance you may face rejection. The only way to expand your business is to open it up to people who don’t know about it.

  1. Always Provide Value

Continually engage with your consumers to get feedback on your product. Ensure that you prioritize customer satisfaction by providing quality products and following up with good service.

The goal is to get people talking about your product and do the work of driving traffic to your website on your behalf.

The world is changing drastically, and so should you if you want to keep up. Louis Cooke is the founder of Taking Risks Today, a company that helps people in Ecommerce by creating awareness on Dropshipping. Visit his YouTube to follow his journey and get tips on how to excel at e-commerce.