3 Ways you can Start a New Business in 2021, with Skinomatics

Find yourself one of the recently unemployed? Here are three ideas you can use to start a business in 2021.

Starting a business might seem like a bad idea right now. Still, if you have the right low-income idea and enough determination, you can turn redundancy into a new opportunity. Here at Skinomatics, we have done precisely that: starting a new business during a pandemic. If you share our determination, then here are our top ideas for creating your own business right now.

The 3 Best New Business Ideas for 2021

Asides from starting your own stretchmark busting body oil, how can you turn a profit in 2021?

1 – Become a Translator

If you speak a second language, there will always be a need for your services. All you must do is learn how to type, translate documents via the power of the internet, and spend your days writing out those translations to send on to your willing clients.

Translation work is easy when you know-how; it comes in steadily, and it can be done from one country to another. Become a translator and expect to earn around $20 per five hundred words. It is good money for a fluent speaker.

2 – or a TEFL teacher

Again, if you are a native English speaker, you have something that a large portion of the world wishes they had… the ability to speak English. You can sell this ability online for a tidy profit. Some of the best TEFL teachers out there are earning $50 per session and upwards. Specialize in business English, and you can make even more than that.

TEFL tutors that make the most tend to work with high paying clients because they qualify. If you can get a gig or two, that should be enough to buy you a course somewhere. Most English courses are easy for the native speaker, although someone who is only recently fluent might struggle.

3 – Start a Consultancy

Even if you are still in full-time employment somewhere else, there is nothing to stop you from starting a consultancy in your free time. This would allow you to earn around $50 per hour (or much more if you genuinely are an expert), advising clients you would typically be dealing with during working hours.

When performed correctly, a consultant can earn a lot of money and even branch out into other subjects. All you need is a Wix site and some good luck… although it does not hurt to hire an SEO writer, too. The more bespoke your site, the more likely you are to pull in high-quality clients.

Turn 2021 into Your Year

So, whether you end up running your consultancy firm or whether you end up releasing an omega-rich, cruelty-free, fully vegan body oil product like ours, you can find inspiration in the digital age. With the internet at your fingertips, the world is your oyster… There is no reason not to swallow it all up!