Reinventing voice recorders with personal digital assistants


These days it is difficult for a person to keep up with the pace of life, so can personal assistants help us?

Think about this: next billion users will rely on video and voice to communicate with others, according to Wall Street Journal. By 2030 voice may replace typing.

So what will be an alternative? With the development of technology, life does not allow us to stop for a minute, to catch our breath, look around, and do our own things. Therefore, technologies keep pace with the times, allowing us to communicate with computers as with humans, find the golden meaning, so that we are  happier, more fulfilled and successful.

The Senstone voice assistant that is used to record our life experiences is a very simple and easy to use, that can help in everyday life of people, but for some reason few people think about it. Perhaps a person considers insignificant, perhaps, thinks that it is too expensive pleasure, or in general for professional purposes.

Many people know that voice assistants can be at hand if you need detailed information about the conversation and without it is simply impossible to record interviews or negotiations with partners or just some lectures or conferences. Since information is very much and our memory is not able to remember, so in such cases the voice recorder is an indispensable thing. You can create your own audio diary or  just record your impressions of some events.

Every person from time to time catches themselves on the thought that he or she does not remember things well. We constantly forget valuable information, and sometimes simply can’t find the necessary idea in the labyrinths of knowledge of our brain. The invention of Senstone significantly facilitated the life of active people, being an ecosystem of light and elegant device designed for voice interface and Cloud based software.

Senstone is a “21-st century note- taking device” (Digital Trends).

It helps you take notes, set reminders, record ideas on the go without getting your smartphone every time a smart idea comes to you. To start working, you need to connect the recorder with your mobile device. Each recording is limited to one minute, and the Senstone can be recorded continuously for four hours. The gadget itself is a clip with a diameter of up to 3 cm, almost 9 mm thick and weighing 30 g.

The voice assistant is a wearable ornament with built-in artificial intelligence technologies. It can be attached to the board of a coat, shirt or jacket, put on as a pendant or brooch. The device has a single button that turns on and off the recording, microphone and recording indicator. It has an elegant look, which is ideal for both casual and sports clothes, business or evening clothes. The distance the microphone will capture your speech at 20 cm away, so you don’t have to keep it in close proximity to your mouth at all times.

The main value of a voice assistant is to convert voice notes into text. Built-in artificial intelligence enables you to transcribe your speech into text, use punctuation, hashtags and keywords. At the same time, the speech is analyzed with the aim of maximum error-free interpretation, so that you do not have to read it for a long time, trying to find errors.

Senstone lets you capture your ideas, notes and reminders handsfree without pulling out your phone. Already, thousands of users around the world turn voice notes into text with an elegant pendant. Senstone helps them stay in the rhythm of life and increase their quality of life, and brings them closer the dream of leaving one day a meaningful intellectual heritage behind them.