Where to find secret Groupon discount codes


Groupon is a one-stop-shop for millions to buy a wide range of products. From beauty and spas to grocery and household products, you can find almost everything on Groupon.

But why is this website so popular? What makes it different from other online shopping sites? First, it provides premium-quality products and services. You don’t have to think twice before placing your order. Second, it offers incredible deals, something that no other website can match. The discounted deals help you save hundreds every month. But where do you find the discount coupons if you are a CouponSeeker? Keep reading to know the answer.

Where are secret Groupon discount codes available?

You need to keep your eyes open to find a Groupon discount code. The site promotes various products and services frequently, thus making announcements on different platforms about the availability of discount coupons. Here are some of the places you can keep an eye on to find Groupon discount codes.

Groupon website

There is no better place to find authentic discount coupons than the Groupon website. Different products and services will have various coupon codes, according to their usage and longevity. For example, garments may come with a flat 30% discount code, while kitchen utensils may have 10% on a single spatula, but a 25% discount on a spatula set.

Groupon provides a variety of discounts throughout the year. You can make the most of their coupon codes during seasonal offers.


Google search can be a powerful ally when looking for discount codes. First things first, you need to access the search engine and type in “Groupon discount code”, then click on the first result with the title “Groupon Discount Code & Voucher”. Here you’ll find all the currently active and viable Groupon promo codes.

Groupon’s Facebook page

Groupon loves to share discount codes with millions of customers. It never fails to surprise new and old customers with enticing offers. You can follow its Facebook page to know more about the latest promo codes and the amount of discount you can enjoy. Groupon specifies the terms and conditions of the codes and the offers on Facebook. Make sure you like and follow their official Facebook page with a blue tick to stay updated about the latest offers.

Groupon newsletter

A newsletter is another way to know the latest news about Groupon. Every site has a responsibility to let its customers know about policy changes or new business acquisitions. Newsletters provide those details directly in your email. Apart from business news, you can also get additional discount coupons in newsletters. This is one of the secret ways of finding discount coupons. These promo codes are usually personalized according to your search results on the Groupon website.

Redeeming Groupon discount codes

There are two important things to keep in mind to use your Groupon promo codes.

  1. Your product or service should meet the terms and conditions of the coupon. For example, you cannot use a coupon on a discounted product. If you meet the coupon criteria, you should copy-paste the code in the payment gateway page. The page will refresh automatically and show the discounted price you have to pay.
  2. The coupon code shouldn’t pass its expiration date. Every code comes with a time period within which you have to use it. Make sure you use a valid promo code.

Always read the terms and conditions of the discount code before using it. Compare a few codes before using to save the maximum amount on every purchase.