Quarantine internet trends

Working from home

The world is still in a state of war in fighting this historical pandemic. And as ironic as it may sound, social distancing and staying at home is one of the ways we fight this war.

With that, we saw various online trends that have come forth amidst staying safe at home.


Although the app already existed years back and has been trending since 2018, TikTok continuously trends in terms of social media platform usage and content creation. Mostly popular among Gen Z, it still continues to catch on to other age groups. It has gained so much popularity that even the U.S. president plans to ban said platform because of the country of its origin/development. But Microsoft is poised to buy the platform so this might possibly prevent the ban. If so, expect a surge in purchase of iPhone accessories and ring lights from TikTok users.


Since everyone is staying at home, communication via video calls like Zoom has now increased. Whether its for work, leisure, or family, Zoom is a popular platform because of its features. And with that, various Zoom call bloopers have also emerged in order to share the hilarity to the online community.


Food delivery is still available amidst community quarantine, but with so many time to spend at home, people have decided to use their time in the kitchen and share their experience/s online. Food trends like Dalgona, souffle pancakes, pancake cereal, and so on has caught on. People have various feedback on these food trends but it does interest many for food is always a fun topic.

Amazon Buys

Aside from the usual shop clothes online for ecommerce, various online users are sharing their Amazon finds which showcases random purchases — from arc lighters to egg cookers. It’s an amusing trend because people seem to enjoy showcasing their “smart” online buys.

It is interesting how some things suddenly become viral and that’s what makes the Internet space very amusing and at times, unpredictable. But this viral pandemic is the only thing we hope to be finally shutdown.