5 Lucrative fleet industry business opportunities for entrepreneurs


It may seem like an impenetrable industry for the established super-wealthy tycoon. It even has its class of industry elite, the shipping mogul.

Historically entire dynasties formed around the freight transportation industry.

The truth is refreshingly in contrast with the old-fashioned world view. In reality, increased demand and niche industry have opened pathways for the entrepreneur to enter the fleet industry. A key indicator is the emergence of services targeting commercial fleet owners. A look at Fleetcover’s website will give you an exciting insight into the diversity of accessible operations.

It is not necessarily a low-cost market to enter. Still, depending on your approach, a single standard utility vehicle could be your gateway into the lucrative world of fleet and freight enterprise.

Medical Transport

Not to be confused with emergency response services such as ambulances, medical transportation offers unique opportunities in that larger transportation companies aren’t necessarily fighting for the smaller contracts involving intra-city shipments of samples and specimens.

For the entrepreneur looking for a starting point, there is a decent amount of money circulating the sector, and a focus on suitability over quantity means larger margins on smaller shipments. By satisfying the deadlines of this sort of contract, you stand to see a steady growth within the sector.

Intra-City Couriers

There is a fundamental cost involved in the somewhat daunting task of establishing intercity and interstate courier services. It would help if you had sufficient recurring work to justify even the shortest distances, and the logistics are far beyond that of local courier services.

Fortunately, the lower yield potential of intra-city couriers also means it is less of a priority for the more prominent players. This means that with strategic pricing and positioning, you stand to get a foot in the door, laying the foundation for expanding routes as your business grows.

Speciality Transportation

The very definition of catering to a niche market, specialised transportation is pretty much as the name says. Frozen goods, human organs and large volumes of blood samples comprise one end of the spectrum. Filling out the other is the transportation of abnormally large loads. Massive components, aeroplane parts and construction equipment dominate on this end.

You would be right in surmising that the transportation requirements for this sort of freight are particular and generally expensive. If this is a market, you can afford to enter; you will be met with lower demand at much higher margins.

Livestock Transportation

One of the most attractive aspects of this market is that you can start on a tiny scale. You may even decide to start things off as a side business. If you are within a reasonable distance of rural agricultural areas, a weekend route can steadily develop into a growing fleet of agricultural and livestock transportation.

It is essential to keep in mind that when dealing with farming communities, you must practice sensitivity to higher standards of ethical conduct. Reputation is everything, and if farmers suspect you are doing them in somehow, you will not keep them as clients for very long.

Senior And Public Transportation

A bit of a curveball, we know, but there is an ever-growing demand for services to assist senior and public citizens in getting around. Medical conditions often leave senior citizens legally unfit to drive, a designation not reflecting a still active social life, the need for a shopping trip and the occasional visit to the dentist. While the general public have vast transportation needs as well.