Lead Gen Service review: The latest & greatest LinkedIn agency?


Generating quality leads for your business can be an extremely frustrating and daunting task. For many businesses around, generating leads continue to be their biggest marketing challenge, especially if you’re just doing it all on your own.

Don’t you just hate when instead of focusing on how to grow your business, you’re out there using your precious time finding leads and waiting for a client to appear?

It’s every business owner and marketer’s nightmare: You waste your time looking for leads, and then you realize your strategy is not effective, then you start to get worried, which leads to you not being able to focus on your business, then the inevitable happens, and eventually your business ends up struggling. It’s a vicious cycle.

In this ever-growing digital era, reaching the right leads and customers is becoming more and more difficult, what will all the competition going on, and with the overwhelming amount of content being put out there. So, the question is, how will you obtain a pipeline of qualified prospects without having to burn all your time?

The answer, well, is LeadGenService.co.

Lead Gen Service Review

Lead Gen Service offers a combination of effective strategies that will help you generate more leads easily, particularly in LinkedIn. It’s an all-in-one marketing agency that will help put your business and your brand on LinkedIn’s map.

Sure, you have the option to generate those leads by yourself. But do you really want to use up at least 3 hours of your time looking for possible customers when you could just let Lead Gen Service do all the work for you?

If you’re still in doubt, allow us to share with you our favorite things about Lead Gen Service, and realize why availing of their services is something you should definitely consider.

Provides in-depth targeting

Lead Gen Service won’t hand over leads that are not qualified. It finds the exact users you want as leads by use of proper targeting, and it locates your target market so you can turn those leads into sales.

Upon signing up, you’ll be asked to input your targeting instructions, which gives Lead Gen Service the information it needs to manually interact with accounts relevant to your target market.

Allows you to customize campaign sequences

With Lead Gen Service, you have the option to create and customize your preferred campaigns, exactly how you want them, and when you want them. You can customize it according to your business needs, and you also have the freedom to choose which settings will be beneficial for your growth!

Works for every industry

Each strategy is not a one-size-fits-all. What works for a specific industry might be a flop to others. But with Lead Gen Service, you won’t have to worry regardless of what industry you’re in, because all you need to do is provide them with key information, and they will do the research and engagement for you.

Understands the importance of building connections

Lead Gen Service knows how crucial it is to build connections for your business and your brand. It understands how important it is to create traffic on your website, grow your audience, and generate money by getting leads on LinkedIn. So because they actually care, they will provide a dedicated account manager that will handle all the engagement from your account, and they even have a 24/7 support team that is willing to help you anytime. With that in mind, you can be confident that they’ll provide top quality service while also being the most advanced, efficient, and reliable marketing agency on LinkedIn.

Has flexible payment plans

Another reason why we find Lead Gen Service so convenient is because of their flexible payment plans. You are given the option to choose between the Standard Plan ($99 per month) and the Premium Plan ($199), both with amazing features like onboarding, connection targets, automated follow-up, and 24/7 support. Their plans also offer a 14-day money-back guarantee, wherein if you’re not satisfied with their service, they’ll immediately give you back your money, no questions asked. You are also given the freedom to cancel anytime, so the only commitment that you have to think about is how committed Lead Gen Service is in providing the best service.

Offers discount for bulk accounts

Since Lead Gen Service works with a lot of different agencies, they can easily handle multiple accounts at once. If you currently have a lot of accounts and you’re looking for discounts, just contact Lead Gen Service so they could send you a quotation.