IMPARGO CargoApps: Freemium tool for SMEs transportation companies

IMPARGO CargoApps is the leading logistics software for small and medium-sized transport companies.

Are you looking for a way to digitize your SME transport business overnight?

By automating your entire transport order processes with IMPARGO CargoApps, you’re able to streamline your processes and ultimately increase your bottom line.

With 5,000 active users in 28 countries across Europe, we’re the leading logistics software for small and medium-sized transport companies.

Let’s go ahead and discuss the key features of the IMPARGO CargoApps software and most importantly, how it can add value to your SME today.

Key Features of IMPARGO CargoApps

IMPARGO CargoApps has a number of unique features.

Browse the key elements of our software within the handy dot points listed below and see for yourself how we can increase efficiencies throughout your business today.

Truck route planner with toll:

  • Carefully organise your route outlining all truck restrictions, traffic incidents and border crossing times
  • Quickly calculate how much your route should cost for tolls – our software covers all of Europe and includes bridges and tunnels
  • Outline the most efficient and cost effective route, avoiding expensive tolls
  • Benefit from live-traffic information
  • Automatically create profitable offers for your business

Order management:

  • Quickly send orders directly to drivers and track shipment status
  • Digitize your order process and receive orders from clients via a digital order form
  • Manage and analyse your transport
  • Streamline documentation
  • Request offers digitally from partners


  • Track your trucks with GPS
  • Receive successful proof of deliveries and pictures digitally
  • Easy to communicate with drivers via app
  • Quickly send transport orders to drivers via app
  • Get estimated time of arrival (ETA)

How IMPARGO CargoApps can add value to your SME

The most important aspect of the IMPARGO CargoApps software is how easily it can add value to your SME.

We take a look at the platform’s biggest value adds below.

Increase your profitability

Even before starting the delivery, our intelligent software helps you minimize all transportation costs by providing you with the best and most cost-effective truck route. You’ll also be able to create profitable offers against your competitors based on total costs, including all tolls.

Save up to 20% of your time

We help you effectively streamline your truck dispatching process in the areas of quoting, truck route planning and optimizing, as well as monitoring transports. We help you find all the necessary information for dispatching in one easy and reliable tool.

Track trucks and get ETA

Always know where your trucks are at any time of day. You’ll also be able to easily communicate with your driver via the chat feature, while simultaneously providing your client with an ETA and proof of delivery.

Automate transport order processing

With CargoApps, you’ll be able to automate your communication process from the top making it easier not only for your drivers to receive orders, but also for you to obtain orders from your clients with our digital order form.

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 The IMPARGO CargoApps software is both web and mobile native, allowing you to track trucks and shipments in the office or on the go via your smartphone.

While the basic version of IMPARGO CargoApps is free to use, to access all features of the software simply click here to book a 14-day free trial.

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