What are the challenges being faced by the Oil and Gas Industry during Covid-19?

Oil and gas pipeline

We all know that the Coronavirus is causing havoc everywhere around us. Several businesses are suffering awfully with no room for escape.

But amidst all others, the oil and gas industry is on the worst verge of a breakdown. Since they are running in massive losses, imagining a fruitful business is no longer possible like previously.

So, what are these challenges in this ever-increasing industry today? Let us take a look at them as we read.

Remote Workforce

Now, it is time to use the power of AR/VR technologies in the Oil and gas industry. This will be done to check how the engineering assets will affect and arrive with a remediation strategy plan by making full use of SCADA. So, this field needs to be well-scrutinized so that remote operations can be fostered on time. Apart from this, pipeline operations and maintenance are also likely to benefit significantly from this. There is no doubt about how challenging it is to monitor several pipelines in dangerous areas. But a small team that manually investigates the pipelines to map out any corrosion and faults can be a safe resort.

Remote Inspection And Maintenance

Generally, the inspector engineer makes the inspection and carries out other crucial tasks, mainly finding a fault and building a work order. After this, the management department will offer the inventory to be presented to the maintenance engineer. This will help them to complete the work order. Due to COVID-19, these processes now need to be carried out remotely using Internet Of Things tools. Such tools can come in handy to decrease the deadline and non-productive duration in need.

Aerial Surveillance

We must also focus on the potential to detect a cloud of smoke or flare from a refinery or upstream asset. This can be done by implementing a drone with cameras. Also, this sector needs to develop proper strategies on how to use smart devices that foster remote condition-based monitoring of this work. Such smart integrated operations can prove to be handy for you in need. These crisis times are what showcase the necessity of IoT-based initiatives for the betterment of this system.

Supply Chain Digitization

Such a system helps ensure that each aspect of the equipment is available at the site whenever demanded. So, what is most important is to foster the active participation of the workforce using remote surveillance. Predictive maintenance and other essential solutions are also necessary.

The Bottom Line

Right now, the world is facing a time of crisis. Every business is having to struggle for its resources and revenue exponentially. That is why it is significant for each company to take the right decision and move towards the path of an immediate workforce. Also, they must take the right strategies at hand to fight off business continuity challenges in no time. Since there are numerous opportunities to leverage, the future can be yours forever. So, why keep waiting? Please make the most of it while you have the time.