How to be a voice actor

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One of the most exciting works related to the audiovisual world is to be a voice actor.

Being able to give voice to series, movies, advertisements or video games is the main reason why many people decide to bet on this profession.

The existence of voice actors that are very important in the games, advertising and film industries therefore finding them sometimes is as important as finding the main actor. But today, the Internet is able to provide any information including when you or your company needs the actor. Many agencies offer actors online and among many choices, Voquent voice over agency is the best.

If you are also interested and want to know how to become a voice actor, take note of the steps to follow.

Know how to interpret

You do not have to be a recognized or professional actor to be a voice actor, but you do need to have notions of interpretation; and especially that you like to do it. The dubbing does not consist only in changing one voice for another but in getting into the skin of the actor. The ideal one is to combine dubbing with interpretation training.

Communication ability

Once you have the ability to be as convincing as an actor would be, you also have to work on communication skills. For this, a voice actor has to be able to transmit emotions through his voice (cry, get angry, laugh …). Imitate the original voice is the best way to achieve a credible result and transmit not only with the voice but also through the image.

Memorise and rehearse

It is very important to have a good memory, because although you can have the script in front during the recording, the ideal is that as if it were an actor you know the text perfectly. Hence the importance of trials for voice doublers; It is essential to read aloud a lot and practice with different intonations and voice timbres.

Fundamental training

But above all the best way to become a professional is to do it with a good training. To do this you must study a voice dubbing course that allows you to know from scratch all the theoretical aspects that you should apply in practice and be able to learn from experts.