What is technology in 2018?

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Hmmm… that’s a nice question! And you are good to ask. Technology is actually everything that manages to ease our lives.

From a pencil to a high-tech robot, technology allows us to be more efficient. You might be thinking; how can a pencil be technology! Well, it is simple. A pencil allows us to write better… imagine writing with rocks! It would be a “hand-breaking” thing to do! But pencils are no longer considered advanced technology in 2018, unless it is one with a built-in chip that tracks errors! 2017 was declared the year of intelligence. And this year, we expect a drastic exponential change in the technological industry. How about we check out what technology is in 2018?

Artificial Intelligence

Technology in 2018 points to Artificial Intelligence, or commonly known as AI. It has been a plaything for big technological companies like Google, Microsoft and Amazon. Maybe because it is worth a few billion bucks! But with the newest progress in Artificial Intelligence, these companies and many cloud-using companies will be able to benefit from a pre-trained system which could make AI simpler to manipulate and use. In fact, AI is planning to become a cloud-based service which will allow many more companies to make use of this precious resource. Obviously, such a system will help in many more ways unimaginable before!

 Artificial Embryos

What a time to be alive! Embryologist in the University of Cambridge has redefined how life is created! How? By simply using stem cells… say bye to sperm and egg cells. These embryologists managed to grow a realistic looking mouse embryo! Such researchers will allow the study of the mysterious beginning of life. And who knows, we might be able to alter birth defects in the near future! However, these are obviously posing ethical questions? Will there be something called life & soul in those developed embryos? If humans are artificially embryonated, will there be a conscience… will it be human in the first place? Only time will tell!

Realistic Graphic Cards

Obviously, if we’re heading towards a great technology-filled future, games are not to be forgotten! In fact, engineers are bringing advances in chip-infused software that allow realistic displays and full optimisation on numerous devices. They aim at improving the Responsive Adaptive Display to allow new smartphones or innovative operating systems to be compatible with any applications in use. Such a software has allowed accessibility to entertainment to reach a new height! Let’s takeMagical Vegas Casino for example, one of the best online casino sites of the UK. Offering a range of incredible slot and casino games, they manage to showcase games that support the Responsive Adaptive Design. As such, any game that you would choose will be perfectly played on any device of your choice. Suit yourself to select any of the awesome games at the site!

Genetic Fortune Telling

There is no tarot cards or palm reading involved in this genre of Fortune telling. It is simply based on what you have inside… your DNA! One day, babies will come out of the hospital with DNA cards which will offer predictions on their chances of suffering a heart attack or even cancer. Reports will also provide stats on whether they will be going broke on tobacco or be smarter than the average human beings. UK Biobank hopes to use Genetic Fortune Telling to greatly help the medicine sector. Since it will be possible to check out how a person reacts to a medicine or even what degree of threat does a drug has on the person, much medicine-driven diseases could be stopped!

Technology is always in progress and if we follow the right guidepost and keep firm on the motive behind the researches, technology will be doing far much good it is supposed to do! After all, it is to ease up our lives…