Global employment services made accessible online


This article talks about how technology has helped global employment services become more accessible with the use of online tools and websites.

Technology has Made Global Employment Services More Accessible

Businesses, whether small or large in scale, will always need something from some other businesses or individuals. The cycle of the business is that customers buy from businesses and businesses buy from other businesses for materials, services and more.

Sometimes, these materials or services are not available in your own area or if they are, they are expensive because these are exported from other countries.

The law of supply and demand would tell you that when there is an excessive supply of one commodity in an area, like products or workforce, then they are priced lower than some of the places that are in need of those. Because of this, some companies have opted to outsource some of their basic tasks to people from other places, which allowed the creation and growth of global employment services.

These days, there are websites that cater to the growing needs of global companies that are looking for competitive employees. These websites connect a person looking for a job, with a job looking for a qualified person; and they allow the company to get a glimpse of the candidate they are going to hire. Skype and other video and voice call applications have made communications with people in remote areas more possible.

The Myths and Fears About Outsourcing

To some people, the word “outsource” is a bad word that is synonymous to robbing your area of the job opportunities that your company has to offer. That’s not true for the most part. Most of the companies that decide to outsource their manpower has already looked for suitable candidates in their area and couldn’t find any at that time.

The basic mindset behind outsourcing is that you use the expertise or specialty of one location and purchase it at a lower cost than if that person or item was shipped to you.

To outsource their employment, some companies opt to open satellite companies in other parts of the globe, while some just take advantage of technology and allow suitable candidates to contact them regardless of location. Technology allows businesses to create a combination of both at a more efficient rate with global employment services that specialize in recruitment and processing.

Global Employment Services Through Technology

Before the prominence and accessibility of the World Wide Web, companies had to rely on telephones, fax machines and telegrams to communicate with other people or companies. In order to get proper candidates, they had to invest hundreds or thousands in newspaper ads; and although traditional corporations in some parts of the world still use those as medium of communication, technology has made global employment services more accessible and efficient.

When a company wanted a graphic designer to join their team, they would request a portfolio. E-mail photo attachments didn’t exist until sometime ago, so the person either bought his portfolio with him to the interview or sent it via snail mail (if the person was going to work offshore). E-mails used to be text only, like an alternative to texts or telegrams. It’s hard to imagine how we survive our everyday job without these conveniences that are now available to us.