It’s never too late

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To get in shape and now if the thought of the gym environment is simply too intimidating then fear not as now both the Google Play Store and iTunes have a great range of fitness apps to suit all tastes and styles.

But just like anything else like searching for the car insurance that suits your needs, finding the right app can be tricky.

I am lucky enough to have some great friends that share when they find something good or fun or entertaining to do and that is how I found It was though chatting with new friends made during my time spent on the site that I was given the names of a few fitness apps that others enjoyed and I thought that as they were recommended to me by friends that I would share them with you.

For those of you who are just starting off on that fitness path then One You Couch to 5K is well worth looking at. This app is presented in association with the BBC Get Inspired designed especially for those who are not used to exercising. The app incorporates a mix of walking and running and if you follow it correctly it is expected that as a beginner you should be able to run 5K within a couple of months or so. With a choice of five trainers to support you on your journey like Sarah Millican the comedian or Olympian Michael Johnson the app will track and award your progress giving tips as you go.

The Nike+ Training Club is described as the ultimate personal trainer and contains over 160 workouts which include endurance, mobility, strength and yoga workouts.

With each of the workouts targeting a specific muscle group they all last between 15 to 20 minuites long. Many of the workouts don’t need you to have any specific equipment so they are easy to complete from home, and just like One You Couch to 5K the Nike Training Club has a bevy of celebrity trainers to help you on your way including great names like Cristiano Ronaldo, Ellie Goulding and Serena Williams.

Now if you enjoy interactive play then Zombies, Run! Is a great app that recreates a zombie attach whilst you are on a run. Adding that fun element can really spur you on if you are becoming a little bored of the same running each day as the app stars you as the hero as you navigate your way through a zombie attack.

Boosted with brilliant sound effects including groans and breaths really does make you feel that the zombies are catching up with you. Immersive and fun, run with a mix of heart-pounding audio drama and songs from your own playlist.