Small business IT support: Why you need it

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Its no secret technology is advancing at a truly devastating pace and businesses, no matter the size, normally rely on some form of tech in one way or another.

This reliance on technology being so pivotal to so many businesses also calls upon someone to be readily available to maintain and troubleshoot should things go pear shaped. Enter – IT Support.

IT Support sentiment in small businesses seems to somewhat lack enthusiasm with the common objection being affordability– my rebuttal to small businesses is this, how can you not afford IT support?

Tech is notoriously unreliable

Reading this, I imagine you’re probably thinking back to tech issues that you’ve encountered in the past as you’ve embarked on your journey from DIY start-up into a nicely flourishing small business. In this moment I’m pretty sure we can all share the same sentiment; technology is notoriously unreliable.

With this said, let’s look at a few reasons why a small business needsor at the very least shouldconsider either hiring someone in-house, or calling on an outside company for assistance.

Think of Productivity

Let’s face it; we can all think of better things we can be doing with our working day than spending hours try to fix a technical issue or maintaining in-house systems. Maybe your computer keeps restarting, maybe you’ve stumbled across a virus that can’t be cleaned with your standard virus software, whatever the issue is, this is fundamentally time spent on other things that could be spent on your business. The people working for understand how downtime can affect the overall productivity of a business. They also know all the ins and outs of common and uncommon issues!

Growing your business, seizing opportunities and networking are just a few things where your time could’ve been placed had you made the crucial decision to hire an IT support business. Being able to channel your energy into the business rather than fighting with routers and battling viruses just speaks volumes to productivity and inevitably, your bottom line.

Lets Talk Cyber Security

With data leaks, hacks, stolen personal information and various other tech related instances making recent headlines, your tech security is now more important than ever.

Hackers and the like prey on smaller businesses thinking that they probably haven’t imposed tough enough security measures to their networks or their data – and being hacked can be an extremely devastating ordeal.

No matter what the size of the business, Cyber Security should be, without doubt, central to your mind-set when it comes to the daily running of your small business – and the fact is, hackers are getting smarter and indeed, a lot more malicious.

Taking the decision to have an IT Support company cover you in this respect will give you peace of mind and will also ensure that things are kept safe. Most businesses carry sensitive data and each has a responsibility to it’s customers and employees to carry out due diligence to ensure that their data is keptsafe.

Experts Can Make Recommendations

Finally, something that I personally have found in my experiences dealing with tech support companies is their ability to educate me on things we could do to improve our IT infrastructure & processes.

Reputable IT support companies will make recommendations on making your technology work better for youand this could be extremely profitable in the long-run.

At a time where technology is evolving so rapidly, it’s tough to keep up with everything and it pays to have someone on your team with their fingers constantly on the technology pulse.

In short, IT Support pays, no matter what the size of your company and should not be viewed as an option, but indeed viewed as a business necessity.

By Jamie McKaye