Could your trade use takeoff and estimating software?

The move to using digital tools to support construction businesses is paying off. By using takeoff and estimating products to put together bids for contracts, a contractor can eliminate hours of unnecessary admin work.

Working with an online estimating tool like Ground Plan Takeoff can help you pull together the information for assemblies in one place and push out a calculation of costs and the resources you’ll need instantly. It works for projects and businesses both big and small.

Using online tools to manage a contracting business more efficiently is a no brainer. But it can also boost productivity and take the headache out of specific tasks for a whole range of trades.

Here are some niche sectors that can use takeoff and estimating software to save time on the job:

Concrete installations

Measuring the material needed for foundations, footings, and walls can be calculated quickly and precisely using takeoff software like Groundplan. It can also help you cost more efficiently and precisely on custom build assemblies and other areas of concrete takeoffs such as projecting rebar and membranes or putting numbers and hours to the labor you’ll need.

Electrical work

Using the tools to calculate the number of switches and receptacles for a project takes the guesswork out of a job. Electricians will also appreciate how easy it is to measure conduits, wiring, and cables accurately.


Eliminating wastage can really improve the bottom line for flooring installers. A digital takeoff tool can quickly crunch the numbers of the materials you need when installing carpets, hardwood or laminate floors. It’s also a cinch to push out the measurements for nail strips and baseboards.


Putting together estimates for potential contracts is very time consuming and can limit the capacity contractors have when bidding on new work. Using an estimating tool means you can put together an estimate quickly and accurately. You can work out your estimated labour costs, put a number to the equipment hours needed for the job and measure joists, rafters, studs, headers, count posts, connectors, calculate waste and other materials used in this trade. The more bids you can put out means the more business you can pull in.

Heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning

Time is money in the HVAC business. So, having digital tools that can trace linear takeoff for air conditioner supply lines or calculate room volumes for heating and cooling really makes a difference to this trade. You can also use the software to generate accurate materials list for assemblies and nail the costs involved with a few clicks of your mouse.


Measure square footages, volumes, and linear dimensions using estimating software – even if the linear measurements are curved. Calculating how much sod, mulch, gravel, and other materials you need is usually time-consuming for landscapers. With this new generation of software, you can calculate the numbers for landscape takeoffs instantly.


The materials needed for a painting contract need to calculated as accurately as possible to minimise waste. Using takeoff software paint professionals can generate the quantities of paint, primer and labour hours required to complete a job.


Plumbing takeoffs can also use this software to measure linear feet for CPVC, drain, and supply piping. All fixtures and fitting can also be added up on the screen.

Many trades involved in the construction industry are already benefiting from takeoff and estimating software. The software is also flexible so you can customise it for your own business needs. The payoff is instant. You’ll boost productivity and have more time available to produce more bids and focus on the details of your day-to-day work.