Choosing the right swimming pool cleaner

swimming Pool

The process of making a swimming pool either inground or above ground is a challenging task, but it is a onetime task.

The biggest challenge is maintaining the swimming pool or above ground pools to make it fun and healthy for the swimmers to swim.

If you are a new or an old swimming pool owner, choosing the best swimming pool cleaner is a big task. You need all the help from friends, salesperson and online research to enable you in selecting the right swimming pool cleaner best suitable for you.

When choosing the right pool cleaner you need to consider the effectiveness of the pool cleaner, effort and the cost of the pool cleaners. Here are different types of swimming pool cleaners with both their pros and cons.

Robotic pool cleaner

When it comes to ease of use and effort, robotic pool cleaners provide quality pool cleaning services with little or no effort from the pool cleaner. Once the robotic pool cleaner has been programmed and dropped in the water then the cleaning process begins and within a short period depending on the size of the pool is clean. It is best for busy people since you can leave it cleaning as you attend other duties. The cost of the robotic pool cleaner is a bit expensive as compared to the other pool cleaners.

Suction-Side pool cleaners

If you are a new pool cleaner and you are not too conversed with a pool cleaner, this is the pool cleaner for you. It mainly relies on the pools pump to provide the suction to collect debris. This is a water based vacuum cleaner which moves around the pool in a systematic pattern as it cleans up the swimming pool. The pool owner has to regularly backwash the filter after cleaning to makes sure it is more durable. Since this pool cleaner depends on the pump of the swimming pool to clean, you may experience higher electricity bills as compared to using a robotic pool cleaner.

Pressure side pool cleaner

This pool cleaner works in a similar way as the suction pool cleaner, it depends on the swimming pool pump to clean the swimming pool, but in this case, the poo; cleaner uses water on the pressurized side to clean the swimming pool. The pool cleaner is easy to use especially for the new users. This pool cleaner has its own filter bags to collect all the debris in the pool cleaner. You may expect high electricity bills as it depends on the pump of the pool to function.

Manual Pool Cleaners

This is the most common, simplest and the most tiresome pool cleaner. This pool cleaner depends on the pool cleaner effort and energy in the cleaning of the swimming pool. The whole process of cleaning and removing the debris depends on the swimming pool owner.

When it comes to efficiency, Manual pool cleaner does not provide the best pool cleaning services as the owner may be unable to access some of the parts in the swimming pool.

Keeping in mind the three factors cost, effectiveness and effort, you can easily choose the right swimming pool cleaner right for you. Most of the people are adopting the robotic pool cleaner especially the busy people. But it is all up to you to choose which the most favorable swimming pool cleaners are.