Chiropractic equipment

Chiropractic equipment

Chiropractic equipment are necessities for the diagnosis and treatment of mechanical disorders of the musculoskeletal system, which includes the bones of the skeleton and the cartilages, ligaments, and other tissues which connect or stabilize the bones.

The Chiropractic is mostly involved in the treatment of spine-related disorders, back pain, neck pain, elbow pain, and shoulder pain. The main treatment technique is manual physiotherapy, which entails joints and soft tissue manipulation as well as utilization of physical exercise.

There are a variety of equipment that are involved in the process of healing. Chiropractic tables, adjustment tools, cold laser, therapeutic ultrasound, Electric impulse adjusting tools, Electric nerve stimulation tools are some among many of the tools and equipment that are involved in Chiropractic. It is worth noting that although the practice is medical, Chiropractic is not to be confused with Physicians.

Since the invention of Chiropractic in 1895 by Daniel David Palmer, scientists and engineers have come up with numerous equipment that have shown robust efficiency in the effort to counter the disorder of the musculoskeletal system, which have been urged to affect one’s health through the nervous system. These tools have been in use with formidable positivity in their outcome.

Uses of the Chiropractic equipment

Transtendinous Electric Nerve stimulator- Also referred to as TENS therapy, involves the use of the belt-like item, which is placed around the backs of the patients. The electric current used is of low units but in varying quantities depending on the patient’s need and, at times, are carried by the patients where they can use outside the treatment facilities.

Interferential current (IFC)- also falls under the Transcutaneous Nerve stimulator category though the major difference is like the Electric current used, which is of high frequency. The IFC aims at deep tissue pain relaxing. This treatment is mostly preferred to TENS due to the higher frequency level that suppresses skin resistance making it more efficient for people with chronic back pains.

Electric muscle stimulation tool (EMST), also called Neuromuscular electrical stimulation. EMS helps strengthen weak muscles by using an EMS machine. The EMS is used in combating difficulties that may arise while trying to carry out the normal exercise. The EMS machine enables the body to carry out muscular contractions, a function that is carried out by the Central Nervous System (CNS). Its contractions, therefore, engage the body in Electronic Stimulated contraction while the CNS is responsible for voluntary contractions. The relief is usually short-termed, and consequently, it is necessary to consult a doctor or a physician in case the symptoms persist.

Additional information

Dr. Gregory E. Johnson is an award-winning Houston Chiropractor who deals in the treatment of neuro-musculoskeletal disorders and balances the biomechanics of the body. His career spans over 30 years, a period within which he has touched many lives. Through a YouTube channel called Advanced Chiropractic Relief, a channel with over half a million subscribers in which he has shared more than a thousand videos. This is an example of a digital platform where one can learn a lot regarding Chiropractic. With global digital advancement, it has become exceedingly important to reach the targeted audience through digital means, with a vast majority of the world population having a formidable amount of digital literacy.  Other informative sites include the Chiropractic Educational Institution website (,

Risks and side effects

There are risks and side effects that may arise from the use of Chiropractic equipment and hence the entire process of Chiropractic. At the onset of the healing process, the body may undergo a phase of ‘Toxic release,’ which is characterized by frequent flu as well as a common cold. The patient may also experience general fatigue, tight muscles, and diarrhea.  Nausea may, at times, occur as a result of using neck manipulating equipment, while severe headache could also be caused by high-velocity spinal manipulations. Due to the nature of Chiropractic, at the end of the session, most patients experience dizziness, which calls for a short rest to relax the body.

Chiropractic equipment distributors

There are worldwide distributors of Chiropractic equipment with a reach to all parts of the globe. C’est Si Bori is a US-based company that sells wellness equipment worldwide. Website-

A Trusted Voice is such a company dealing with on-hold systems Chiropractic radio and patient education CDs. Their website is-, and other distributors include LSI International and US’ Microlight Laser web-

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