Social media sites you should know about

This world is based on evolution and innovation. Old ways of connecting, advertising and networking have overtime changed and evolved into one where virtual approach has become more cost effective and time saving.

Right now, every single person prefers to have a conversation via video conference before meeting someone new. Even courtship starts through social media. Business meetings are held globally through sites like zoom, skype etc.

Plus internet and social media has also provided a platform for young entrepreneur and talented rising stars to promote their talent.

Few of such social media sites are listed below:

1.  Facebook

This is the largest social networking site used by every generation to remain in touch and share their opinions openly. It is also a good platform for people to connect globally with each other through its facility to form different social groups for like-minded people. Plus it also helps in promoting business through its “make a page” option and paid advertising. One can also send event invites and reminders through Facebook.

2.  Instagram

Currently, Instagram has been everyone’s favorite. Especially of millennials and generation Z, because it is a major indicator of popularity for the youth. Their face value depends on the picture they post, the quality of content, the number of likes and followers. It is not only a good platform for people to blog their life but also to keep up with the world. All the new fashion, trends and business ideas are approachable through Instagram. It is also a perfect place for advertising your own ventures, blogs and businesses. But to make it big through Instagram, one requires a good amount of engagement from other accounts to make it to the top. For this reason many bloggers these days are even buying likes, comments and followers by services like, follovery.

3.  YouTube

YouTube is well known for being world’s largest video-sharing social networking site. It enables users to view, like, share, upload and comment on the videos. It is a great source of entertainment and is a great platform for vloggers, comedians, singers and other talents for making a global fan base.

4.  Pinterest

This is a Holy Grail site or app for people who love to do DIY projects and find new ideas for their business. By using this visual bookmarking and photo sharing site you can save ideas for your future projects or even help others by sharing your ideas.

5.  Twitter

For those of you who loves to stay updated about everything from entertainment to politics, then this site/app is for you. It enable its users to post short messages (tweets) containing limited number of characters (up to 280) for the whole world to see. It is also a good place for business networking and promotion.

6.  LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the most popular social networking site for professionals. It is used all over the globe for business networking. It provides the opportunity for hiring suitable candidates, promoting business and much more.

7.  Quora

Quora is a place for people who search for solutions to their problem. It is a very user friendly site that makes sharing and gaining knowledge easy and interactive.

8. Flickr

Another great photo-sharing website which provides a place where photographers can upload there high quality picture, create a portfolio, share their work.

9.  WhatsApp

WhatsApp is the most famous chatting platform globally, providing its users a great deal of advantages such as; texting, audio calling, video calling as well as conference calls. It also has story sharing option similar to snapchat and Instagram.

10. Snapchat

Snapchat is a fun social networking website for users who prefer visual chatting over normal texting. It has many filters and funny stickers to brighten up the pictures. It is like a modern version of Polaroid with advancements like video shooting and uploading. Users can also easily save their videos and snaps on the app itself.


Last but not the least, TikTok. This social video app is widely popular all over the world especially by teenagers. This app is all the rage these days. It is known to enable users to make short clips of few seconds consisting majorly of funny anecdotes, dancing, acting and lip syncing.