5 vital tips for a responsible digital marketing strategy during the global pandemic


Businesses worldwide are suffering from the hard blow of the global pandemic COVID-19. In a situation like this, it is pretty difficult for businesses to remain afloat.

However, with most businesses shifting online, top SEO agency experts say that the right online marketing strategies can help sustain businesses even during the worst days.

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In this regard, it must be said that context is the key; so in the wake of the global crisis, brands must be tactful and empathetic, and concentrate more on sensible digital marketing. Many businesses have already changed their ways of communicating with their clients and how they carry out their marketing campaigns.

But how do you ensure that your digital marketing strategy is responsible enough during this hour of global crisis?

Well, here are 5 vital tips to guide you.

Modify marketing campaigns and consider adjusting the scheduled content timelines

You have to decide what must be stalled and what (content or campaign) you must prioritize. It is the best time to keep things ready for post-quarantine situations. Understand which content or campaign will click with the audience when things will get back to normal.

Use the brand imagery, language, and anecdotes wisely

When it comes to interacting with people, visual and written content both are equally important. First, understand what message your brand wants to disseminate. You can either avoid using visuals where the people are not following social distancing, evaluate the marketing language, for example, avoid using phrases such as “get in touch with us” or “work hand in hand” and so on because it is necessary to avoid using certain figures of speech that suggest close interaction.

Capitalization on the crisis is a complete no-no!

Your brand must be empathetic and trying to capitalize on a situation like this is a bad idea when people are suffering and living in fear. You can provide information about how this crisis has impacted the businesses worldwide but ensure the fact that you are not fanning panic.

Be optimistic and well-informed

Remember what your brand supports, its vision, and its mission. Keeping that in mind you can interact with your clients and customers. Try to connect with people in this hour of need by sending heartfelt messages and not just automated ones. Organizations can always support people by showing their support and being sympathetic. Do not get into controversies by posting anything offensive or insensitive as naturally this will be disastrous for the image of your brand.

Encourage your potential customers by showing how your brand is helping

Yes, spread the word! Tell people how your brand is capable of helping those in need in this emergency. You need to showcase how the brand provides value to your clients by creating engaging content that will educate, entertain, and influence people while they are quarantined.