Advanced digital marketing strategies every lawyer should use


Digital marketing is helping a lot of businesses nowadays, most especially with the current COVID-19 pandemic wreaking havoc upon the whole world.

Now, more than ever, maintaining a strong online presence is important to achieve short-term and long-term business goals, which is also true for service professionals, like lawyers.

In this post, you’ll learn the advanced digital marketing strategies that lawyers should use to better realize your goals.

Improve Your SERP

Search engine ranking position and search engine results pages (SERPs) are crucial for your search engine optimization or SEO. Search engine ranking position refers to the position in which a website is ranked on search engines, like Google, whereas search engine results pages refer to the pages on Google that display search results.

With SEO, content is crucial. This involves efforts to choose the right keywords and build the right links to help a web page rank in search engines and become visible to as many target users as possible. By improving your search engine ranking position, you also improve your SEO, as what Game of SERPs aims to do.

Whether you’re a corporate lawyer offering company formation services, virtual offices and other business related services or you’re a criminal defense attorney, it is very important to address to the right target audience.

Here are some ways to improve your search engine ranking position:

  • Improve Your DA: Domain authority (DA) refers to a metric used by search engines to rate a website’s reputation. There are tools you can use to increase your DA, and if you want to get on the top spot of Google SERP for a particular keyword, you have to identify and know where, when, and how you will achieve this goal.
  • Get More Backlinks: Because backlinks are an essential aspect of determining the value of your content by search engines, getting more natural and authority links are essential.
  • Make Your Content SEO-Optimized: Keyword research and backlink DA tools can help you make your web content SEO-optimized. Make sure to employ commonly used terms in search engine searches.

Embrace AI Marketing

When speaking of artificial intelligence or AI, it involves automating or eliminating repetitive manual tasks. The products of AI technology include chatbots, home assistants (Siri, Alexa, and Google Home), image verification, and Google search.

Check out these examples of AI marketing for lawyers:

  • Chatbot Installation: Law firms can install chatbots on their websites with the help of web developers so that legal clients can chat online and get instant answers based on computer recording. It means that chatbots can interpret human conversation or line of questioning and seek answers on the system without requiring human intervention.
  • AI-Based Content Strategy: You can create a question-and-answer content type to become compatible with AI-based products, like home assistants. For instance, if a client is looking for answers online via Siri or Alexa, having Q&A, FAQ, or human conversation-based content will help your website appear on voice-based search results.

Why Hire A Digital Marketing Professional?

It’s a good idea to hire an online marketing professional based on your marketing needs. As Puya Turkiyan explains, most lawyers he worked with were so focused on their businesses that they ignored other crucial aspects. So, hiring digital marketers can help lawyers fill the marketing gap with their online marketing knowledge and expertise.

Check out some examples of digital marketing professionals you can hire to boost your law firm’s marketing:

  • Social Media Marketers: These marketers specialize in Facebook Ads and other social media advertising By increasing your exposure to social media, you’ll gain more potential clients with existing legal problems.
  • Market Research Analysts: Market research analysts have intense research, quantitative, and analytical skills. They design and assess consumer reactions or feedback to new products and services, modify products, and advertise themes, among others.
  • Media Planners: Media planners are well-equipped in analyzing various consumer groups. They determine what media forms to use to attract and gain consumers. You may consider venturing into this field if you are systematic, well-organized, and interested in media. Graduates who have a keen attention to detail usually start as media assistants.
  • Public Relations Representatives: These professionals help clients establish and maintain a good reputation with the public. The best marketing graduates should have strong journalistic writing skills and accept the challenge of public relations jobs.


Digital marketing strategies, like AI marketing and improving your search engine ranking position, SEO, and content strategies. can help you promote your law firm. Also, hiring a digital marketing professional can guide you to the right path and take care of the bulk work of online marketing. With the right combination of digital marketing strategies, you’ll reap good rewards, such as increased website traffic and more clients setting up a legal appointment with you.