10 tips to becoming famous on Instagram


There is a myth that it is difficult to be popular on Instagram since it is a very attractive social network, consumed by millions of users, so it can be said that the competition is massive.

However, there are certain tips to follow that help lead a certain popular sector.

You may be interested to know how to buy followers on Instagram. Over time, it was discovered that, in addition to sharing content with friends, Instagram is an interesting means of communication from a marketing point of view, which is very useful for reaching potential consumers with information, products and services.

How Instagram works is about users following each other and liking the photos of other followers, so your fame and prestige depend on these two social actions.Here are ten tips to buying instagram likes that, if you follow them regularly, seeing results is totally achievable.

1 Get Thousands of Followers

To gain public you can do it in many ways, buying Instagram followers stormlikes serves to attract, through this medium, real user. Contrary to popular opinion, buying followers is not only used to increase the number of them, and although the purchased users do not interact with one, what they do is generate an impression of popular fascination, thus achieving real followers. An account with few users does not make you want to follow it, one with many, yes.

2 Consider the Algorithms

To get into the category of “Popular” on Instagram, the organizers of the application follow an algorithm to know what is relevant and what is not for each user. For this, the first 50 “likes” you receive will make the difference: The faster you are, the more chances you will have to be among the most voted.

3 Stand out from the Rest

Something that is particularly striking is the name you choose for your account: it must be original, concise, easy to remember, and easy to pronounce. You can even include icons. Generally, users with names that are complicated to remember, or unattractive, are discarded without mentioning forgettable, unless it is, of course, a celebrity, but those are already exceptional cases.

4 Attractive Content

Being popular on Instagram does not have to be difficult, you just have to work to achieve it. You do have to offer quality material that is attractive to the type of audience that follows you, to your personal audience. For example, if the majority of your followers follow users who upload landscape photos, you can try to start uploading photos with the same theme. You must be selective even with the type of filters you use for each image, since not all are suitable for any photo. Something that attracts a lot of attention is the videos. Try to choose a graceful cover that makes you want to watch the video.

5 Label the Location of your Publications

Using the label of the location of the place where you took the photo, will make people who have also been there, or want to be there, feel a certain intimacy and connection with the image, and want to “like” and even comment on her.

6 Interact with your Followers

First and foremost, the suggestion is to keep your account open to the public. You don’t need to follow others, but finding a public account is less tedious than following a private account. Responding to the comments they leave on your publications and, in general, interacting with them, celebrating that you have reached a certain number of followers, creating a contest with certain hashtags, or even making raffles where you have to tag friends in the comments, will denote certain leadership and grace that many will want to follow.

7 Use of Attractive Hashtags

Personal hashtags that reference the photo directly, and you will notice an immediate growth in followers. It is essential not to abuse hashtags, either. The ideal is a maximum amount of 10-15 hashtags.

8 Edit your Photos and Videos

Your main photo says a lot about your account, it is the first thing that those who do not follow you will see of you and, the more professionally it is edited, the more desire these users will have to follow you. It is highly recommended to edit your photos with other editors than those suggested by Instagram, for example: Deluxe FX, PhotoShot Express, Fotor, Aviary, Color Strokes or SpacePaint.

9 Visual Aesthetics

Make sure that the visual attraction of your photos is creative, but that it has a tendency at the same time. Your content should not go unnoticed by your followers, they should want to stop to see more of your content. For this you can use editing tools such as: VSCO, Afterlight, or Canva. The striking and suitable colors give category to your photos.

10 Post at Peak Times

Sometimes we upload an excellent photo, video or story, but we do not reach a good range of “likes”, this may occur due to the time or day we choose to upload that photo.

The nights where there is more interaction are on Fridays and Saturdays. People who go out to parties or bars usually upload stories or photos and also be aware of the scope of their own publications.

Finally, users tend to follow accounts for personal gain. Although one must be faithful to its content, it is necessary to generate interest in those who do not follow you, so that they want to do so. It’s always about selling a product, whether it’s a landscape photo or a clothing brand. One must produce persuasion for the buyer: In this case, the potential follower, and what better way to do it through a tempting number of followers? Get them immediately, and buying followers on Instagram stormlikes is your best option.