4 fundamental points to increase the reach on Instagram


Getting followers on Instagram is getting more and more difficult. In their desire to promote a “human” use and that the connections are real between the users who use the platform, Instagram has made profound changes that are affecting thousands of accounts.

Social media itself is free, and Instagram is no exception.

What happens is that, if we want to get the most out of them (reach more people, have more interaction or, for example, sell products or services with them), we will have to allocate a small budget for marketing actions that will make us increase the number of followers, likes and comments.Here are some of the fundamental points to increase the reach of your publications and, as a consequence, reach more potential followers:

1. What Content Generates more Engagement on Instagram?

In this part, with your permission, I am going to be a little biased and go towards what I personally like the most on Instagram and which I think also fits the reader profile of this blog: show brands (personal and corporate) a your most humane and private side.

Being able to do this will help you connect much more, both to your personal brand and to a company. And that also helps to make good content marketing strategies as they are already done on YouTube or on many blogs, for example.

You do not have to do the exact same thing, maybe it does not even fit in your case, but the philosophy of how to connect behind this is totally extrapolated to any case and I hope it will serve as inspiration for your activity on Instagram, you can also think about to buying Instagram likes to generate more engagement on Instagram.

2. Use of Hashtags on Instagram

Instagram allows you to place up to 30 hashtags on your posts to tag the content you are posting.

Using hashtags, you are not only indicating to other users what the subject of the photos and videos you upload is (that is evident), but you are also going to reach other profiles that do not know you.

How? Since recent changes to Instagram, the app allows you to follow posts that are tagged under a hashtag.

This will mean that in your newsfeed (section of the application where you will see the publications that make the accounts you follow) some publications will also appear that contain the hashtags that you are following.

This, on the one hand, is one of the best ways to make yourself known to other users who have not yet followed you and, on the other, to discover other accounts that publish content that interests you.

3. Upload Photos and Videos to Instagram with Instagram Stories

As you may know, video is a format that, well used, is capable of generating a lot of engagement. Like Facebook, Facebook Live allows you to generate a lot of engagement, on Instagram you can also use video to connect more with your followers.

The most peculiar thing about Instagram Stories is that a user’s stories expire after 24 hours. But precisely that can be something that encourages engagement with your community.

You must be very clear that Instagram Stories are looking for fun, that’s why you have so many effects and possibilities to add a fun touch to the photos and videos you want to upload with this tool.

In this, applications like the ones you can see in the video above can help you.

4. The Best Time to Post on Instagram

Another of the changes that the Instagram algorithm has made is to show the posts without a chronological order.

In the past, the first photos that appeared in your newsfeed were the last ones published by the people you follow.

As a general rule, from now on the publications that will appear first are those of the accounts with which you have the most engagement.

Instagram wants to show you first those posts from accounts you interact with most often, and then posts from accounts you might not interact with as much.

If you have a company Instagram account, you will have access to some statistics related to your followers and your publications, so you can see when the vast majority of profiles that follow you are connected.

You will also have other information, such as the countries your followers are from, their cities, their gender and even their ages, among others.

If you don’t have a company Instagram account, don’t worry. There are applications that allow you to analyze your followers and determine the best publication hours.