The ultimate office move checklist

moving office

Preparing to move your business premises can be a daunting prospect. Along with moving physical office infrastructure, there are a number of other business-enablers you need to take into consideration to get your company running optimally as soon as possible.

For example, have your telecoms been set up? What about your internet connection and cabling? And your utilities and meters?

Use this checklist to help your office move on time and without a hitch.

Set your timelines

The first step is to create your clear plan and timeline to map out the move. What will the move entail, and when does each step need to be completed by?

You may need to plan your move in stages, rather than trying to accomplish everything in one day. This will mean careful management between your move-in and move-out dates. If the dates don’t match up, you’ll need to consider storage options.

Top tip – Work backwards from your move-out date, making a list of all the things you need to do before the moving trucks arrive.

Gather your team

Get your staff involved in the move early so that they know what is expected of them during the move. It may help you to set up a move committee to help you plan and organise the move.

Top tip – Don’t be afraid to delegate! There are many steps and tasks involved in an office move, so assign tasks to your team members to ease the load.

Set up a communications plan

Keep your employees informed of the moving plans and process with an internal communications plan. Plan to communicate regularly with all employees to make the transition as seamless as possible. Before the move, be sure to provide directions to the new location as well as instructions on public transport, parking etc.

You’ll also need to inform clients and suppliers of your move and how it may affect business operations.

Top tip– Start a list of people who will need your change of address.

Evaluate your service providers

When you move premises, you may need to switch service providers. You’ll need to determine the current infrastructure and setup of the new premises, and whether your existing providers can use it or not.

Services that will need to be connected include phone lines, internet, and utilities. When it comes to utilities, you’ll need to either transfer your connection to the new property, or look for a new (possibly cheaper) energy contract.

Hire the professionals

Do your due diligence when hiring a moving company. Take some time (or assign another team member) to compare moving quotes and services and decide which company to hire. If your moving budget supports it, consider hiring professional packers too. Remember to hire cleaning professionals for your new and current premises.

Plan your new office layout

Create a detailed floor-plan of the new space, mapping out where every employee will sit and where each piece of furniture will go. Share this plan will all employees and your movers so that everyone is clear on the new layout.

Arrange for new office access

How will employees access the new office space? Will they need parking discs, keys or access cards?


Welcome the team your new space with an office-warming party. Congratulations on your new space!

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