Understanding consumer pain points

Some of the most successful businesses have done something very simple, understood a problem and then solved it. Find out how to replicate this here.

Consumer needs and habits are constantly evolving, and yet many fundamental pain points remain the same across a wide range of industries. Companies that look to address or circumnavigate these issues can dominate a given market. AirBNB for example, achieved rapid growth and huge success on a global scale because they connected two parts of the market, regulated it, and made it practical and appealing for users. High standards and a great customer experience are critical to success. In a study, packaging supplies company Rajapack, found that the successful companies they interviewed put the customer experience at the heart of their business. Of course, it’s not enough simply to copy the strategies of another brand, you have to solve the issues in your own niche. Here are some of the universal pain points that might be impacting your target market.

Updated Information

As soon as we place an order, register with a site, or take any online action – we expect an acknowledgement or update. Not knowing if something has been properly processed, whether an action is underway, or what the timescales are likely to be can have a very negative impact on the consumer experience. Having the right systems in place makes the world of difference, and can also reduce the strain on customer service within an organization. Fortunately, today’s technology makes it easy for consumers to stay connected and updated at every step of the way. Customers of businesses that implement tracking systems to provide updates on the status of couriers are generally far more positive about their experience. Whatever the industry or situation, consumers need to feel reassured that they know what’s going on and what to expect.

Customer Service

Excellent customer service is key to long term success for any business. It’s important to remember that the customer experience doesn’t end at the point of ordering an item. This can be kept alive with reviews, further discounts and more. Keeping in touch with the customer can be a route to get them back to your store and purchasing again. Of course, you don’t want to pester them to the point that they no longer wish to hear from you, so it’s important to only contact them with the most relevant offers no more than once a week.


The user experience with technology should be intuitive at all times. This is essential for consumers, as they don’t want to work to figure out how to use your platform. If they can’t complete an order or if the platform lags, then they won’t get a great experience. This negative experience can be enough to prevent them from visiting your platform again, even if you make drastic improvements. Often the first impression is the most important in this regard. These universal pain points work across many industries, however there are also some that will be unique to your particular niche. Researching and understanding these will make your business more successful, as you solve problems for your potential consumers.