Energy management systems and their value to your business

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When it comes to your business energy strategy, procurement is the first step. Defining effective monitoring and management systems within your business stands to have a long-term effect – and this can, in turn, affect your bottom line.

Most businesses can achieve between 2 and 10% annual savings through the implementation of better management systems, according to business energy consultants, Smarter Business. But what are business management systems and what value do they bring for businesses?

What are effective energy management systems?

Energy management is the use of techniques, tools, and systems to improve a business’s energy performance. In order to be effective, this system needs to look at a business’s energy holistically – from procurement to data collection, usage, and adjustment.

In this past, this would have involved time-consuming quote comparisons, meter readings, and poring over energy bills. Today, many energy consultants offer energy management solutions to save time and streamline energy management – making best practices easily achievable for all businesses. 

Where to start? The case for energy monitoring

Collecting data and analysing reports on your business energy is central to any effective business energy management system. Energy monitoring means your business can keep an eye on its consumption, identify waste areas and rectify inefficiencies, as well as validate invoices.

You’re your business makes changes, you will also be able to meaningfully assess the return on investment for these projects. When the time comes to renew your energy contract, business owners are also empowered to get the contract suited to their needs, backed up by powerful data.

Energy management steps

  1. Come up with an energy management plan.
  2. Set targets for energy performance.
  3. Collect energy data in real time.
  4. Conduct thorough analysis on this data.
  5. React robustly to areas of inefficiency.

What are the benefits to your business?

  • Reduced costs. Energy is a major cost to businesses of all sizes. No business can afford to ignore the savings potential around its energy portfolio.
  • Improve your environmental profile. There is a duty on all businesses to adopt a responsible, sustainable approach to energy consumption. Not only does a shift in attitude affect the well-being of the planet, it also makes a difference to your business reputation; giving you a place amongst the businesses of the future.

Smarter Business has developed user-friendly, secure, and reliable energy management software to provide real solutions to businesses of all sizes. This includes instant, customisable reporting on consumption and invoicing across multiple sites.

For customers with more intensive energy usage, businesses stand to benefit from the most advanced energy management platform on the market in the form of Openview. This software provides reporting, forecasting, data management, and market updates for competitive energy management and strategy.

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