Motoring Review: Ford Fiesta

The 1970’s saw rising demand from European consumers for smaller vehicles now known as superminis. Ford answered this with the Fiesta in 1976.

It was an instant success, with the millionth Fiesta produced 3 years later in 1979.

Now after 33 years, over 10 million sales, the MK7 Fiesta remains one of Ford’s most popular cars. Dean Woodward takes one for a spin for us at Business Matters

Significant others are:
•    Renault Clio
•    Mini
•    Vauxhall Corsa
•    Grand Punto
•    Peugeot 207

Models and Engines comprise of:
•    Econetic, Studio, Style, Style + , Zetec-S
•    1.25, 1.4 & 1.6 Petrol engines
•    1.4 & 1.6 Diesel engines.

Price Range: £9,195 – £14,195

Vehicle Appraisal
Some thought the MK6 Fiesta was bland and plain. It was a reflection of Ford’s approach to styling during this period with similar design used in the Focus and Mondeo. In contrast to its predecessor, the MK7 Fiesta has caught up with an exterior that shows flair and enthusiasm.

The 3-door looks great. The 5-door is a close second only because the door and window break the continuity of the lines. You can choose some striking exterior colours, but these may not last the test of time.

The interior is just as exciting as the exterior with a predominant centre console that resembles the facia of a Nokia mobile phone. The two-tone colour of the dash reflects its quality with the upper and lower sections living up to their names.  High sweeping rear windows restrict visibility when reversing; but this is a car that wants to go forward not backwards. Overall, the interior is solid and reflective of larger Ford models.

Handling/ Performance
Fords are renowned for their driving dynamics and the new Fiesta is no exception. Keen drivers will love this little car. It’s well balanced and copes well with bumpy road conditions – you won’t have back problems at the end of the journey. The steering is precise and you feel connected with the road beneath you. With agility you would expect from a supermini, contoured seats hug as you nip through tight bends.

Just look at it. You will like the way it drives and drive it the way you like. In a fiercely competitive market sector, the Fiesta has stood the test of time and is a serious contender for the top spot.