Windows 10’s records 14 million installs in first 24 hours

The figure is believed to translate to existing Microsoft users downloading the free update, instead of new devices that were shipped out on July 29th.

The update has been Microsoft’s most significant yet, having secured more updates in the first 24 hours than both Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Windows 10 was available to download online, without the need for discs or USB drives, helping Microsoft land 14 million updates, as an online download makes the update more accessible.

With the downloading spree still in full swing, Microsoft has made it even easier for users to download the update, prioritising the update for users who have reserved Widows 10 for their computers. This means that existing PC’s have been installed with the “Get Windows 10 App”.

The overwhelming response to Windows 10 is a positive one, with users warming to the new and improved OS update, with users taking to social media to share their thoughts.




However, Microsoft have received a fair amount of criticism and complaints. Mozilla, the company behind search engine site firefox, voiced their displeasure in the form of an open letter to Microsoft’s CEO, claiming Windows 10 should give their users ‘choice and control’.

Other users have suffered more common complaints.




To prepare for the Windows 10 migration, Simon Townsend, Chief Technologist at user experience management provider AppSense, helps make the transition to windows 10 easier for existing Microsoft users.