Web Site Performance

Google employees are more regularly visiting landing pages in an attempt to determine relevance and quality.  The main points they consider here is, the number of links on the page, how those links are used and how easy it is to navigate around the website.
Now is the ideal time to revaluate your landing page and combine this with an SEO report and update to ensure that your website is having the best chance of being seen by your target audience.  This recent news by Google also reinforces the importance of having the correct informative content on a website that is related to your keywords.  The higher the quality of your landing page, the higher quality scores you can receive from Google.
Skala Marketing offer the following tips to decreasing the load time of a landing page:
•    Keep the use of iframes to a minimum
•    Compress any images and keep the page size to a minimum
•    Use fewer redirects
•    Have an SEO report conducted by a professional to find out how to improve your web rankings, specifically. 
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