Still gambling with mobile Wi-fi? Satellite internet could be reliable answer


With the rise and commoditization of mobile internet and mobile Wi-fi options through wireless providers, users have become trained that they will have access to information at lightening fast speeds no matter where they are on the globe. But not all business takes place where there’s a reliable, fast connection.

An answer to this common problem is a satellite internet provider. With satellite internet, users bypass the shared infrastructure provided by common wire-line and wireless providers and get a dedicated connection. This means that customers can connect to the resources they need, reliably, even in places where there is no connection.

Companies that work on projects in remote areas of the country still depend on connectivity to information to do their work. For example, during construction of a hydroelectric power plant in a remote part of Scotland, Neaty Hydro required communications access to both their own network as well as a communications platform for contractors working with them on the construction. Laying fiber or traditional copper telecommunications infrastructure was prohibitively expensive and disturbing to the environment, So Neaty Hydro turned to satellite internet from Eutelsat Broadband. Eutelsat has satellite internet solutions for both businesses and home users, and can be deployed as a permanent satellite fixture or as a mobile unit, depending on the requirements of customers.

As a permanent installation, users no longer need to depend on wireless connectivity or working with wire-line telecommunications companies to get internet where they need it. Dedicated satellite internet connections mean reliable and consistent service without the need to break ground.

Businesses can deploy satellite internet as a mobile option to guarantee a connection in areas with no connection, or heavy traffic or unreliable mobile Wi-fi options. Mobile deployments are be incredibly beneficial for breaking news broadcasters, busy trade shows, large events, or remote construction projects like that of Neaty Hydro. Satellite internet provides all of the same capabilities of regular wire-line or wireless internet providers, allowing users services like VOIP calling, remote monitoring and control, and always-on connectivity.

Satellite internet provides tremendous advantage over traditional internet connectivity when considering options, and Eutelsat Broadband is the reliable choice to provide that advantage. To learn more about satellite internet and Neaty Hydro’s deployment of Eutelsat Broadband, visit their website at

Image: Shutterstock