Reviewed: Geneva Sound Model XS

Like all of Geneva Sound’s audio gear, it offers a delightful design without neglecting sound quality. At £179, it’s not cheap for such a dinky speaker, but sports a whopping three drivers and allows wireless streaming too.

Geneva Sound’s Model XS is a neat little “handbag” speaker solution. Just 16cm long, it folds up into a neat little leather-bound carry case and weighs around 500g. A 2700mAh built-in battery supplies a claimed five hours of playback, boosting its portable cred into the big leagues.

Functionality-wise, it’s not a bog-standard portable speaker, though. There’s an integrated FM tuner, the obligatory 3.5mm input and Bluetooth streaming, allowing you to connect wirelessly with smartphones, tablets and many more devices besides. Bluetooth is a much better choice than Airplay here. Not only is it more portable, needing no Wi-Fi network, it’s more flexible too – happy to work with Android devices.

Stylish, petite and flexible, the Geneva Sound Model XS fits perfectly with the much larger models in the range. It’ll connect with just about anything too, thanks to its 3.5mm input and Bluetooth support.