Reviewed: Gemini Joytab 9.7″ tablet

It offers a surprisingly quick, robust and responsive Android powered multi-touch screen tablet experience, where operating is an instinctive breeze, photo’s instinctively pinch zoomable, twist rotatable and websites swipe scrollable, a piece of cake to use.

This tablet steps up to the mark technically with a large 9.7″ ultra sharp capacitive touch screen manufactured with IPS panel technology to provide wide viewing angles and bright colorful sharp images. Movies and videos can also be enjoyed in crisp immersive High Definition by connecting to a HDTV or monitor and as a connected media player it is where this devices strengths may lie. For movies and gaming it is a bargain.

Powered by an ARM based 1.5Ghz dual-core processor with 1GB of RAM and a Mali 400 graphics processor for gamin, the tablet has 16GB of standard built in storage, however this can be boosted by microSD card to 32GB and this option is strongly recommended for use as a sassy on-the-fly media smart storage device.

The operating system, Google Android 4, Ice Cream Sandwich works well and has over 360,000 apps and games to choose from including all the top social media offerings so this device lacks nothing that the competition can offer. The installed stock web-browser works well, however it is recommended that the user upgrades to the latest version of Chrome as its a slicker experience.

Connectivity the joypad 9.7 features a selection of options, fast WiFi for wireless, USB for PC connectivity and TV via the HDMI port. The bluetooth keyboard is cleverly designed to clip behind the tablet when not in use, or as a cover for the tablet, but when needed the keyboard provides a flip up support rest to fit together with the tablet, its just like having a mini laptop in your hands which is great for travel. The only thing missing is GPS.

The build quality is good for a bargain basement Android tablet, it makes a good impression and its a well made and attractive device, its slim and portable and feels good with a weight of 627g. For the money it represents a bargain, and is a great entry level full screen tablet.